Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Today's Outfit of the Day: Indulgence Meets Thrifty

The indulgence piece is the striped maxi dress that I purchased from a local fashion trunk show, Naked Fashion, for $42.

The thrifty pieces are the vintage lace top, at $2, the blue floral tote for $6 and the fushica sandals for $4.

"I love mixing ‪#‎thriftstore‬ finds with indulgence pieces". Just call my look, 'eclectic casual'.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Are You A Fan Of "Cedar Cove"?

I love discovering new TV shows, on Netflix. Sometimes, I actually find a winner!

Last year, I decided to give "Cedar Cove", starring Andi MacDowell, a try and finished off Season 1, in a day!

After that, I was in love with the show.

The writing can be a bit quirky but the location shots are gorgeous! Lovely and beautiful coastal shots. Casual feel. It all makes me want to go to Portland, Maine for a week long vacation! And enjoy a lobster dinner.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Confessions of A Thinner Me

I would have never, in my dreams, thought that I would be this thin! Never wished it. I was comfortable being a plus size gal. I've been one for decades. Plus size fashion, models are in!

I had the support of the plus size community, on social media. I even did a stint on Go Curvy, as an outfit of the day contributor!

When I developed severe digestive issues, while on oral steroids, I found myself unable to eat. When I did, my body let me know it didn't like it, in the worst ways. There were many nights I would go to bed only eating once. I was too weak and sick to eat!

It actually took several months till I could get 'my system' settled. (this is an ongoing issue)

I was given a recommended food list. No more dairy, chocolate, acid foods. I was told to stop drinking coffee but I found cold brew coffee much kinder to my stomach. I had to quickly adapt to small portions and no fatty, processed , spicy foods and carbonated beverages.

Some of the approved foods bothered me. There were times that I thought of myself as a lab experiment.

My clothes were literally falling off of me. Perhaps, some would say, "That's a good thing" but I had nothing to wear. After all, I was losing weight because I had developed a chronic illness. Another one to add to my long list! And I was still too weak to go shopping!

At times, I would be angry. What is happening to me? When will my weight loss stop? I was scared!

Each time I would purchase a pair of new jeans, I would tell myself, "This will be your size". A few weeks would go by, the jeans no longer fit!

I wanted to be happy even thrilled with my new body type. What I wasn't prepared for was the sadness of no longer being plus size. How do I dress my new body? Will my husband love this new me? Will I?

Nobody tells you that you might have difficulties when you lose a lot of weight. As a society, we celebrate it. I sure did try! But inside, I didn't know where I belonged. After losing 65 pounds, I could no longer wear Gwynnie Bee fashions. They don't have much selection for sizes 10. I also found that the clothes were no longer appealing to me.

This gal had to go searching for a clothing subscription service that would have smaller sizes, styles that I would like at a budget price! That's when I found Le Tote!

I had never worn many of their styles before but that's what I loved about Gwynnie Bee. So I jumped in and am now a Le Tote fan!

It certainly helped my mood to have access to beautiful clothes, in multiple sizes, as I continued to lose weight. In time, I even started to feel more positive, as I continue to navigate this new journey.

Finally, what I've learned is I don't have to belong to a group to be happy. Just being me, the best me I can, makes me smile!~ inside and out!

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Menu Plan Monday ~ July 4, 2016

I hope you had a wonderful July 4th. It was wicked hot in Las Vegas so we spent time inside and watched lots of TV! There were plenty of fireworks going on including ones in our neighborhood.

Time to cook delicious meals for my husband and family. Everyone has been enjoying the meal delivery services. I love the convenience. No grocery shopping because it's already done for you.

For more details, check out our favorites: Home Chef, Blue Apron, Plated.

Organizing Junkie

July 4th ~ Grilled Hickory Barbecue Burgers with Coleslaw and Charred Onion ~ Plated

Pulled BBQ Chicken Sliders, Potato Chips, Cole Slaw ~ Home Chef

Thyme and Rosemary Roasted Pork Tenderloin with apple cider pan sauce and broccoli mash ~ Home Chef

Flat Iron Steak with Bleu Cheese Butter with green beans and roasted fingerling potatoes ~ Home Chef

Chicken Kabobs, Rice

"Pie" by Sarah Weeks ~ "I Devoured It Within 2 Hours"!

PiePie by Sarah Weeks
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was recommended to me by a 12-year-old. I'm glad I decided to act on her recommendation because this was a fabulous read.

I finished it within 2 hours. Cried, laughed and finished off with a smile.

I would highly recommend this book for all ages!

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