Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Science Project- Frog Dissection Workshop

Marcus had the opportunity to attend a Frog Dissection Workshop yesterday. He is homeschooled through an Independent Study Program. Each student had to give a presentation on a body part. He chose the gallbladder. He had to give a one to two minute presentation and provide a diagram. We had him utilize the internet and books for references. He created his diagrams, copied them to the computer and printed them. On Sunday, he laid out his pictures, heading and notes, on the posterboard. I recommend using color posterboard or matting. I gives it that extra punch. Those of you who are scrapbookers know what I'm talking about.

The instructor brought with her a male and female American Bullfrog. This was the first time I saw a live frog! Marcus was my personal guide. I have to say this is an opportunity homeschool and traditional students should have. Pictures do not do justice. I now have a true appreciate for the American Bullfrog.

P.S. I left before the dissections started.

Rona Berry-Morin
Marcus' Mom and Teacher


Hi, its Marcus here. I'm the kid who got to dissect the frog. When the teacher pulled out he dead frogs, they looked like they had lost a fight with a grill! The first thing I notice, and I think everyone notice was the smell. Let me put it this way the frog smelled so bad, garbage that been sitting in the sun for three years would have been heaven. I thought the smell couldn't get any worse until I cut open the belly of the frog, the smell was some how under pressure or something because once I stuck the scissors in and started cutting it shot right into my face. I thought I was going to barf up my breakfast, so the teacher let me go outside for fresh air. I felt better but I didn't want to come in because I knew somehow the frog stench wasn't going to get any less smelly. I did have to go back in and complete my presentation. It's an experience I will never forget.

Marcus Berry
7th Grader

Country Bunny Bath & Body Lotion Bars Posted by Hello

Homeschool Talk Radio - June 13 show

This is an on demand internet talk radio show. Lynda, is the host and has 2 boys that she's homeschooling. She has contributing speakers as well as weekly guest.

The website has some great information no matter how long you have been homeschooling or what curriculum you are using. There's organizational information, school topics, homeschool curriculums, resources and much more.

This week's show Lynda speaks with Susie Gleman, TheBusyWoman.com, about the importance of scheduling.

JoJo Tabares, ArtofEloquence.com, talks about Summer planning.

Jodie Lynn, ParenttoParent.com, answers a question about whether or not to continue homeschooling throughout the summer.

Lynda talks shares a Kids Science project.

This week, you'll hear my voice on the feedback line.

Please feel free to share this information with homeschoolers and others considering homeschooling.

Marcus' Mom and Teacher

Rona's Favorite WAHM Online Websites

Advertising Moms
I really enjoy Advertising Moms. They have a very active message board. There's 2 different discussion topics per day. I've learned great business tools and tips. You get meet other WAHM's.

Advertising Moms website offers graphic and web design. I had my Country Bunny Bath & Body button designed by them. It was very affordable, came with directions and it was just what I wanted. Tara Cooke was easy to work with. She sent me a proof for final approval. I actually noticed that I forgot important information. She quickly fixed it and emailed me the changes. What a great way to do business, without leaving the home!

I definitely recommend this online WAHM network group. Please feel free to visit this website.

Advertising Moms

WAHM Talk Radio

I love listening to internet talk radio. It's available on demand 24 hours. These shows have filled a niche for WAHM, SAHM, homeschooling, ect. This is the perfect solution for any of us with busy schedules, not just moms. You can also download the show to your MP3. I wanted to list one of my favorite talk radio shows. The host is Kelly McCausey, WAHM Talk Radio. Every week's show she has a different topic, speakers, contest, ect. She's everywhere. Someone should interview Kelly about how she juggles her very busy schedule.

Please sign up for Kelly's "Hot Summer Seminar Series for Moms". She's covering topics like Summer recipes on a budget, balancing work, home and family, setting up a website and more. It will be available via teleconference and web (if you have high speed internet). It's every Wednesday, 9pm EST, June through July. I hope to see you there.

Work at Home Moms Talk Radio

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