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Greeting Cake Company - Sign Up Today

Want a Fun Home Based Business?
-Sign up for $20, receive 6 cakes. Sign up for $35, receive 12 cakes.
-Low quarterly quota - 1 cake at wholesale = $2.75
-Earn 45% commission.
-Use your own website or use a company website for a small monthy fee of $7.50
- Earn 5% of your 1st level downline's wholesale total
3% of your 2nd level
1% of your 3rd level.
-Quarterly bonuses for those that qualify.

Rona Berry-Morin
Distributor 0505697

School's Out! What's a WAHM to do?

School’s Out! What’s a WAHM to do?

By: Jacqueline Bodnar

As the weather starts to warm up there are a lot of work at home parents that begin to get a little nervous. They know that this change in season is followed by the ringing of the final school bell for summer break. Yes, your working days are going to change a bit over the summer but there are some things you can do to take care of the kids while still getting some work done.

Managing Time. Christina Lorenzen, a freelance writer from New York, homeschool’s her two children, so they are home year round. “I have learned to manage the time I have around them,” explains Lorenzen. She realizes that her children are not at the age where they need constant looking after and she tries to use her time wisely. Getting work done around your children being home may mean that you need to get up earlier, go to bed later or do a little work on the weekends.

Set the schedule. School-age children are used to routine …

Finishing Our Year of Homeschool - Seventh Grade

Marcus and I are attempting to finish all his required work before June 17. He has a 10 page World History report that has to be turned in! He's been putting it off till the last minute. I discovered that Marcus didn't know what an Outline was. He has no idea how to take notes. I remember learning about Outlines, Table of Contents and report writing, when I was in the 6th grade. We were taught the basics and then assigned topics.

It's been a discovery process since we started homeschooling Marcus. I've been playing catch up this year teaching Marcus grammar and report writing. It's now my responsiblity if he doesn't know. Along the way, the schools forgot to teach these skills. We also failed him by not being more involved.

Let's face it, how can kids to write if they don't know the basics. I thank God everyday for having the opportunity to teach our son, at home. He was being left behind. Now, we can get Marcus caught up.

Summer Customer Appreciation Special

Fantastic 5 Summer Customer Appreciation Special June 1 - July 31, 2005

Customers ordering our Fantastic 5 Spa Treatment, $50.50 plus s/h and tax, in their favorite fragrance will receive a FREE 4 oz. tub of shea rich body butter*. Sets available in all fragrances or Naturally Unscented.

Shower Gel - Aloe rich in your favorite Country Bunny Bath & Body fragrance, 9oz
Soap Saver - Extend the life of our distinctive Shower Gel
Salt Scrub - Unique blend of gourmet salts, sweet oils and aloe, 20 oz.
Shea Body Butter - Shea rich emollient for nourishing your skin, 4 oz.
Lotion Bar - Exclusive formula lotion in a bar seals in your body's moisture, 1.5 oz
Set is packaged in a vinyl drawstring bag with instruction guide.

*Free 4 oz. tub of body butter will be provided for you in one of the following fragrances and may not reflect the fragrance of the 5 piece set.

For less than the price of one hand and foot treatment at a Spa, you can enjoy repeated treatments all Summer long without ever l…