Saturday, June 18, 2005

Marcus' First Day On His Summer Job

Have you heard that most people get a job through word of mouth? Well Marcus got his Summer job exactly that way. We have a weekly space, at a local market. The managers are an much older couple, they own a kettle corn business and mentioned to me that they needed help at one of their busy spots. I mentioned that Marcus was looking to earn some extra money. Marcus quickly took over from there. He negotiate the terms, $40 and a free bag of popcorn. He works the busy market, once a week. His job is to bag and give samples. I took a few pictures of Suzie teaching Marcus how to fill the bags. (I'm a scrapbooker) I then left to run some errands. When Charles and I went to pick him up, he was smiling, excited that he sold 11 bags, was able to bag, give samples and handle cash at the same time! Our "Little Guy" presented us with a large bag of popcorn and immediately went to buy himself something to eat. While driving home, my husband noticed that Marcus had fallen asleep. We both laughed, as it reminded us of a much younger Marcus in a car seat, fast asleep.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Marcus' Oral Report on the Frog's Gall Bladder.  Posted by Hello

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