Saturday, July 09, 2005

Gardening With Your Kids

This is a fun and educational ongoing project for you and your children. It's also a great project for kids, of all ages. Those of us that homeschool might want to consider having a garden as an ongoing Science and Math project.

Have your children help choose the plants and/or seeds. Take them to the gardening store. The gardening store is fun and educational. It's full of color and smells. Here's where I found out about ladybugs being a natural and kid friendly prediators. Let them pick out some flowers and vegatables.

Have them keep a garden journal of the growth. It can be in a notebook with photos, stickers and notes. Mini scrapbooks work well too. Kids can assemble their pages quickly. They can draw pictures of what the different growth stages.

If you have a small space or no yard consider container and basket gardening. Marcus and I have grown tomatoes, strawberries and several flowers, all in containers. One year, we grew a small patch of grass. Most varieties of tomatoes will grow well in containers. Container tomatoes are available only as seeds, not as bedding plants. Many local garden stores sell them.

Many gardening stores sell tools designed for kids. Gardening With Kids also sells gardening books and science projects.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Arts and Crafts for Charity

Marcus and I are working on a great Summer craft project. We are painting cotton tote bags. After we've completed them we will be sending them to Artists Helping Children, a non profit orgranization that brings art to neglected, abused and sick children.

You can purchase the Cotton Tote Bags at their site for $.60 per piece. Check with your local arts and crafts store for totes and fabric paint.

You and your kids can help by knitting and sewing too. The site has patterns, and a list of ways you can help.

You can get more information by clicking their link, on the left side of our Blog.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Homeschool Talk Radio - July 4, 2005 Show

On This Week's Show:

Teaching Finances to Children: Steve Braun, from & joins us to talk about "Financial Discipleship - Training You to Train Your Children." I truly enjoyed how parents can be creative at teaching our kids financial skills. I actually listened to it twice.

Heard Anything Funny Lately?: Communication Expert JoJo Tabares from tickles our funny bone, and announces a fantastic summer contest! Take time to email or phone in your communication funnies.

Tips to Go for Parents Today: Jodie Lynn from Parent to answers a question about whether or not it's a good idea to homeschool through the summer. As you know Marcus and I have been enjoying our Summer break.

Free Prizes Anyone?: Listen for details about this week's prize graciously donated by Isabel Lyman of

Don't forget to answer the weekly questions at moms, dads and kids zone. You may hear your voice on the following week's show!

Go Fish ! A Family Sport

Yes, fishing is starting to catch on and there's a big push to get the younger crowd involved. Outdoor Living network has several fishing shows and tournaments. It's a great family sport. My father took us out when I was about 6 years old. I still remember the thrill of catching my first fish and then releasing him back into the pond.

There's many free fishing clinics offered at our local lakes. They teach techinques and safety. We even have a local lake that allows kids to fish for FREE. Many of the fees are nominal.

I checked with Walmart and Kmart and they do offer some affordable kid size fishing sets for under $20. If they continue with it you can then invest in better equipment.

Marcus got exposed to it at summer camp, when he was 7 years old. He actually learned to freshwater and saltwater fish that year. Now he goes fishing as much as he can. He finds it very relaxing, even if he doesn't catch anything. My husband, who wasn't a fan of the sport, now admits he's hooked and tags along with his pole. I usually tag along for the pictures. (I'm a big scrapbooker fan) I do have to admit that I love the sound of the water hitting the rocks and the occasional fish popping it's head out of the water.

Contact your local lakes to see if they offer free clinics and the prices for kid permits. There are many summer day camps that offer beginner fishing too.

Remember to have fun.

Rona Berry-Morin

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Rona's Summer Read - "Come Spring"

"Come Spring" by Tim LaHaye and Gregory S. Dinallo

This story is based in Boston, MA in 1918. It's main character is Dylan Cooper, an aspiring photographer. He meets Grace MacVicar when he goes to a Boston Art Gallery to sell his paintings. Dylan has to deal with setbacks as he attempts to sell his photos. In Grace, he finds a friend and believer in him and his work.

The authors combine a love story with faith messages. Its a beautiful balance. I enjoyed reading how their courtship blossomed. I rooted for them as they dealt with Collins' doubt in Dylan. It's a great Summer read.

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