Saturday, July 23, 2005

Rona's Summer Read - Home Wisdom: A Commonsense Guide to Solving Everyday Problems

Recently, I decided to stop purchase household cleaners and go back to the old naturals. White vinegar, baking soad and table salt are to name a few. A former co-worker gave me "Home Wisdom: A Commonsense Guide to Solving Everyday Problems" by Jon Vara, while I was recovering from a back injury. This book is full of practical information and well as fun quirks.

The book covers many topics, including organizing your files, home repair and storing fruits and vegatables.

This is the type of book that you'll be reaching for often. So considering purchasing a homemaker's reference for your personal library.

Friday, July 22, 2005

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As the Kids Activity Moderator for Person 2 Person Network on, I post daily family activities. I really enjoy coming up with different topics. I decided to gather all my posts and start a Blog on

You will see different family ideas, such as having a lemonade stand, taking your kids to the theatre, family game night and much more.

I update it daily, so stop by often.

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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Being a Junior Counselor - Marcus

I decided this Summer that I would sign up to be a Junior Counselor, at the Boys and Girls Club. After speaking with Rose, Club Manager, about my responsibilities and schedule, I started working. I had my first shift was in the Computer Room. I made sure that the kids that are using the computers have their parents permission slips signed. I help them if they are having any computer problems. Also, if there's any kids arguing I bring it to Rose or one of the Head Counselors.

I like the job because it teaches me responsibility. I have to arrive on time and work with other people. I've been going to that Boys and Girls Club for a long time. It's cool to be a Junior Counselor.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Homeschool Talk Radio Show - July 18, 2005

Lynn's special guest this week was Teresa Bell-Kindred, author of Mom PhD: 6 Steps to Mastering Leadership Skills for Moms, joins us to talk about the six steps we can take to become Positive Home Directors and lead our children in the right direction.

Communication Expert JoJo Tabares from tickles our funny bone, and tell us what her fantastic summer contest is all about!

Parenting Tips: Jodie Lynn of shares her Tips to Go for Parents Today.

Want to Work from Home?: Nancy Brown from Virtual Gal Friday

Rona's Book Review: Managing Your Emotions - Joyce Meyer

I truly enjoyed this book. Joyce Meyer writes that by letting your emotions take over you are defeating your faith. She shares some of her own personal experiences. She provides several principals to help you get your life and faith back into check!

I have learned from my own personal experience that depression is normal. There isn't a pill out there that will "take away" that feeling. Depression is normal and can be worked through. Yes, I did take medication but over time I was able to stop. In my case, I dealt with my depression with therapy and my faith. I hope you will read the book and come away feeling good that you did!

You can purchase Joyce Meyer's books at her website or at our Amazon link. Enjoy!

Monday, July 18, 2005

Mompack - A Free Advertising Partnership

The Original Mom Pack™ Idea

The original idea was to include Moms' promotional material in outbound orders (a Mom Pack™). This can be a clear bag,colorful envelope or small paper bag. Mom Pack™ includes sharing all kinds of advertising opportunities, both on and offline, through information swaps, link exchanges, and much more. They've grown to become a huge support group for everyone involved. Best of all? IT'S FREE! CLICK HERE

I have enjoyed being a member and do provide Mom Packs to my customers and network buddies. I have always received great feedback about the contents. I have also become a customer to many of the WAHM businesses. I highly recommend becoming a member of Mom Pack.

Working From Home - Virtual Call Centers

When I was injured on the job, about 2.5 years ago, I figured I would never work again. I needed to focus a year on rehab and learn to accept my chronic pain. I was lucky enough to have a great support system. My husband and son gave me physical and emotional support. My counselor helped me work through the grief and acceptance process. When I came to a point of acceptance, my counselor and I realized that I did need a passion. I could no longer work in a formal work environment. I had too many physical limitations and daily severe chronic pain. My husband and counselor encouraged me to find a work at home opportunity that I could work around my disability.

I have a 20+ years of customer service and call center background.I began applying to virtual call center companies, that offered very flexible work schedules. I had recently received a settlment that provided me with a new computer and ergonomic equipment.

It took about 1 month before I started to receive phone calls. I went through several phone interviews before I decided to pick the company, that best suited my needs. I am still with them today. You are not employee but an Independent Contractor. You have to keep your own state, city and federal taxes. You are a business. It does require a lot of discipline. There's no one standing over you telling you to get to work on time. But, it has been a positive in my life. This is great therapy. Many disable people comment that working from home helps them deal with their condition.

One of my favorite websites that you can visit, founded by Cheryl Demas. She offers a job listing as well as message boards, that include a Telecommuting Moms board. Another great site is where you will receive "water cooler support", leads and information posted by people who are working from home and those hoping to.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Papermaking Craft: Origami

Marcus was busy making fingertip claws origami today. There are many other things you can make. It's also another use for your scrap paper.

Please feel free to visit the following links.

This is the link Marcus found to make his claws.

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