Thursday, July 28, 2005

Rona's Summer Read "Little House on the Prairie"

"Little House on the Prairie" by Laura Ingalls Wilder
This book covers the family's adventures as they set out to Kansas. We read about their travels and eventually their settling to build their new home. It's an enjoyable read for all ages. I love the illustrations that Garth Williams created. Through the words and pictures, you truly get a good picture of the Ingalls family.

There's some books that you read as a child that you re-read as an adult. Sometimes, you enjoyment out of them the second time. While ordering Marcus some books from Book Planet Book Club, I saw "Little House on the Prairie" by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I decided to add this book to the order. When it arrived, my husband asked me who I ordered it for. I replied me. He was a little surprised. Marcus commented that he read it when he was in elementary school. He found that even though it was a biography, it was also educational. I never knew he had read it.

Beatrix Potter Day ! Peter Rabbit and Friends

Beatrix Potter created a beautiful character named Peter Rabbit, amongst others, in a letter to a sick child, of her ex-governess. She later decided to create a book. Every publisher rejected her book. When she decided to publish it herself Fredrick Warne agreed to publish it. This is a great story to share with your old children about following your dreams.

Beatrix Potter was quite surprised by the popularity. To this day, there are children and adults that continue to read her books.

I located a beautiful website dedicated to Beatrix Potter and her characters. There are online games and game worksheets. You can enjoy some short videos about Peter Rabbit and his friends. Please feel free to visit "The World of Peter Rabbit".

Don't forget to visit your local public library today. Check out one of your favorite Beatrix Potter books and read it with your kids.

Marcus' Movie Review - "Fantastic Four"

"Fantastic Four"
Action/Adventure, Comedy and Science Fiction/Fantasy
Running Time: 2 hrs. 03 min.
My dad and I went to see this one last weekend. I really liked this movie. It was your typical superhero movie. The special effects were really terrific. My favorite character was the Human Torch. I liked his power the best. I felt sorry for "The Thing". People make fun of him because he's different. When he does get the chance to become human again he makes a decision that shouldn't surprise you. Have fun at this Summer movie.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Funky Foam Tote - a no-sew fun project Posted by Picasa

A to Z Home's Cool Website

Ann Zeise, creator, A to Z Home's Cool Website offers tons of homeschool information and articles. I really like this site because she also offers state specific info. She even has teen information. So, if you want to know where to start, looking for a link to sell used textbooks, prom information, go for a visit!

You'll probably find yourself visiting often, so bookmark her website!

Funky Foam Tote Bag Project

Have your kids make a Funky Foam Tote Bag. You can find the directions on Michael's Arts and Crafts site.

After they are done they can send their finish project to Artists Helping Children Foundation. This organization's mission is to enhance the quality of life for sick, abused, or neglected children through art.

You can get more craft projects, mailing address and more ways that you can help at
Artists Helping Children.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Work Outside Home Mom or SAHM Discussion: Hot Summer Seminar Series for Moms

I just wanted to comment that I really enjoyed listening to the June 1st segment, WOHM or SAHM discussion. Like Sandra, I've also done it all, but love being home. It is definitely about the attitude. I appreciated the fact that this was not a bashing session on either type. There's enough of that on national tv shows and magazines.

I was so pleased to hear Sandra and Kelly comment on the wah business or not topic. I recently decided to stop focusing on my direct sales businesses. I'm now working, as an Independent Contractor in a virtual call center, and spending time with family and hobbies. My family and I are much happier with my decision.

As usual, Kelly offers a great series. I wish I could have attended the live show. Thanks for offering your segments on the MP3. I appreciate the different topics that are discussed. Your choice of topics are so refreshing. You go girl!

National Parents' Day - July 24

National Parent's Day is celebrated, the fourth Sunday of July. Parent's Day is a day to focus on the importance of the job of being a parent. This is a day to be proud of this important vocation. Parenting requires commitment and focus. I consider it the most rewarding and demanding job that I love doing every day.

The National Parents Day Council website offers information on activities, ways to volunteer, next year and the chance to "meet" this year's Parents of the Year.

Consider volunteering or starting a celebration in your area.

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