Saturday, August 06, 2005

Celebrate Talking With Your Kids

Talking with our kids is an opportunity to connect with them. It's a time when we can just listen without being "a know it all". It let's them know that we're interested in what they have to say. This is especially important during those preteen and teenage years.

Here's some ideas for starting conversations:

*Ask open ended questions, "What's your favorite sandwich?" "What do you with $100?"

*Ask them to look over your yearbooks with you. Marcus couldn't believe it when he saw his dad with sideburns and long hair. Or his mom in bell bottoms and platfoam shoes. "No way is that you!" he said

*Talk with your kids about what your first job, car or date was like. Preteens and teens will get a treat out of this one.

*Ask them what they want to be when they grow up. Tell them what you wanted to be when you grew up. I actually remember my airline stewardess, teacher or a mom. I got one of those off the list.

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Simply My Life - Just Do It

Marcus went to Maine and Las Vegas, a year ago. He came back with plenty of pictures. I had the intentions of making a Summer vacation scrapbook. I did a few pages and put it on the shelf. It sat there for more than a year, undone. Monday night, I thought why don't I finish that album. I got my supplies out, pictures and album and went to it. Marcus decided to come into my husband and I's bedroom and watch some TV. We talk during the funny parts, while I was busy chopping, journaling and assembling. He would pick up a picture and tell me what he was thinking at the time it was taken. Marcus would also share a brief memory behind the shot. I actually finished the album and had a nice evening with my busy 13 year old son.

My point to this is that I didn't schedule this moment. I thought and than as Nike, is always telling us, "Just Do It"!

Homeschool Talk Radio - August 1

Lynn talks with Nell Taliercio, of Nell grew up as a homeschooler. I really enjoyed hearing about her high school experience. It really gave me som insite to what we might experience. Marcus will be going into the eighth grade this Fall.

Communication Expert JoJo Tabares from tickles our funny bone, and tell us what her fantastic summer contest is all about!

Jodie Lynn of shares her Tips to Go for Parents Today.

Nancy Brown from Virtual Gal Friday talks about the various work at home websites that she finds most useful.

Lynn is also looking for Ad Sales, Co-hosts and Kid Roving Reporters. If you're interested send her an email. Just click on the icon, at the bottom of our page. It's another great show. Don't forget to let all your homeschool friends now about the show.

National Telecommuting Institute - Work From Home Jobs for the Disabled

National Telecommuting Institute offers work from home positions for the disabled. They partner with corporations to provide job opportunites. I first heard of them while I was going through vocational rehab. They offer medical transcription, technical support and customer service positions. You will need to provide proof of suffering from a chronic illness or disability that requires you to work from home and a vocational rehab counselor. Some positions require background and credit checks.

One of the most desirable positions is the IRS Customer Service position. You answer questions and take orders for IRS publications, from your home. You're working with your phone and computer for a virtual call center. It's seasonal but can become permanent, if your work performance is excellent. You can read more information or even apply for the position at NTI's website.

Good luck in your job search!

Monday, August 01, 2005

Country Bunny Bath & Body Pink Pearberry and Blue Mountain Fresh Wave Soap. Posted by Picasa

Country Bunny Bath & Body - August Customer Product Promotion

August Customer Product Promotion

Buy 2 Pearberry Pink Wave Soaps and get a Blue Mountain Fresh Wave Soap FREE! August only special! $11.50 each plus shipping and handling.

Visit my online store to view our entire product line.

Do You Miss Your Old Job?

Last Thursday morning, as my husband was getting ready for work, I told him that sometimes I miss working in the outside world. When he got home from work, he handed me a piece of paper, and said "This is for you". It was the Baby Blues comic strip, from Wednesday, June 1, 2005. It had the wife trying to put on a pair of control top pantyhose. By the third frame, she had them on. Her husband is looking confused and ask her if she's okay. Her reply is that by the time she gets her pantyhose on, the feelings of missing her old job go away.

Whew! I think he's trying to tell me something. Just for the record, for today, I do not miss my old job.


Celebrate National Kids' Day - August 7

Since launching nationwide in 2001, National Kids Day has reached thousands of communities and millions of adults have joined to celebrate and honor kids through the gift of meaningful time together. Celebrated annually the first Sunday in August, this year's celebration on August 7th is sure to be to most exciting and important yet. Visit National Kids Day website for links to events in your area!

You and your family can create your own National Kids Day memories. Check our Blog on for ideas, as well as the National Kids Day website.

Have a great weekend!

Our local Boys and Girls Club will be having an Ice Cream Social, on Friday, August 5. The Boys and Girls Clubs are one of the many organizations that will be having events during the weekend, August 5-7.

Sports Day - August 1

On Homeschool Talk Radio, July 11th show, Chris Davis, President, from Homeschool SportsNet Inc. joined Lynn to talk about the ins and outs of Homeschool Sports Leagues. This is a fantastic idea! Sports provides some much needed skills that you will utilize throughout your life.

His website is full of important information. You can locate or start a league, get insurance information, tournament and team rankings and much more.

In our area, there are many sports program options for homeschoolers. Kids can even participate on public school sports teams. Our son currently plays on the Boys and Girls Club basketball team. He's been participating in their program, for 3 years. This Friday, Marcus participated in the Boys and Girls Club Summer Olympics. They had a variety of sports. He was on his club's basketball team. They had a great time!

Remember to have fun today.

I'm the June-July Winner at

I was so thrilled to find out that I am the June-July contest winner, at Its Just 4 I was able to chose, my prize, from a list of items. I decided to chose the baggie candy bags. The toppers will have a Back To School theme with my nieces and nephews' names on each one. Maybe it will bring a smile to their faces while they shop for school supplies.

Carol St Pierre, owner, sells an assortment of personalized items, at great prices. I have purchased her business items, including the Arylic Display Brochure Holder for $15.00. She includes graphics and 10 brochures for that price. Carol is a joy to work with. You can view the one, she made for our business, at her website. The Arylic Display Frame with Business Card Holder, includes 10 laminated business cards for $22.00. We've received many compliments. These display will give your table a professional look.

I also recommend the car magnet. This also includes 10 laminated business cards. While running errands, I just pop it on the trunk. As people are walking by, they can take one or more business cards! Talk about multi-tasking!

National Simplify Your Life Week August 1-6

I decided that it is finally time for me to focus on me. I feel burnt out, lost and unproductive. But, you know what? I am the one who is responsible for my schedule. Why not take some time to read that book, visit with a friend or take a power nap? Because I do not have time?!

I recently signed up for some personal coaching with Aurelia Williams, Personal Life Coach. I heard her on the Hot Summer Series for Moms, hosted by Kelly McCausey. The topic was how to get more balance in your personal and work life. I really could identify with what she was saying.

Aurelia offers individual and group coaching, at her website. You can pick from a list of coaching packages! You can even sign up for a free 35 minute coaching session. You can sign up for daily tips too. And you can do this right from the comfort of your home. You communicate with Aurelia through email and phone.

I'm looking forward to simplifying my life.

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