Thursday, August 11, 2005

What's For Dinner? Dine Without Whine

My husband and son love to ask me, "What's for dinner?" Recently, I heard about a menu planning service called "Dine Without Whine" on July 20, 2005, "Hot Summer Series for Moms" teleconference, at Kelly McCausey spoke to Christine Steendahl about her recipes and including it your home.

It really appealed to me. I immediately went to the website and reviewed the sample menu. The recipes are easy to make and include ingredients that are readily available at the grocery store. There are even desserts, low calorie and breakfast recipes.

You receive recipes and shopping list, for a week, at your email address. Please stop by the website, for more information and to sign up. It has saved me time and money.

Sons and Daughters Day - August 11

Take this day to spend some time with your sons and daughters. Whether it's taking them out for lunch or walking around the block. Make sure to squeeze in some conversation and take time to listen. Preteens and teens, especially, really do want to know that we hear them.

I asked Marcus some questions from the "Christian Parenting Today", Fall 2005 issue. Some questions, I knew what his reply would be. I was also surprised by some of his answers. When I was done he asked me if I had any more questions to ask him because he was having fun.

I would like to share some of the questions and Marcus' answers.

1. What is your favorite food?
Pizza I knew this one

2. What book have you read recently and really enjoyed?

Cirque Du Freak: Trials Of Death by Darren Shaw
You'll find this book on Marcus' Summer Reading list, at July archives on Berrymorin Bits and Tips

3. Who do you look up to and really admire?
Mom and Dad I was shocked, honored and surprised. I almost cried.

Have a great day! I know that I will.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Retro Kitchen Apron. Instructions available at Michaels Arts and Crafts. Visit their website for more information. Posted by Picasa

Have Your Kids Make Their Birthday Cake

I love birthday cake and some of the most special cakes are made by my son, Marcus. He started with cake mixes and now can make a cake from scratch. He also likes to decorate cakes with our cake decoration kit.

Kids will get so much pride from making their own birthday cake. Depending on their age you'll need to supervise more or less. Take your child to the grocery store, let them pick out the flavor cake mix, frosting and decorations. If you're interesting in making it from scratch bring your recipe with you. That way you can make sure you get all the ingredients.

For an extra treat have an apron for your child. Marcus likes to wear my chef's apron when he cooks and bakes. Michael's Arts and Crafts sells aprons that you can embellish. You can purchase fabric paint, put a design and/or their name on it. I've also seen child size aprons in many cooking retail and online stores.

There's some great recipes out there, including cookbooks for kids. This is a great gift for budding chef. Visit BellaOnline for a list of cooksbooks for kids.

Here's a Moist Chocolate Cake recipe that sure to be a winner, courtesy of Taste of Home Magazine. Have fun at your next birthday celebration!

Rona Berry-Morin
Associate Rep 6717
Country Bunny Bath & Body

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

National Back to School Month - Have a Garage Sale

With kids heading back to school it's a great time to clean out the closets and drawers. Let's take those clothes that they've outgrown or no longer wearing, furniture and household appliances no one uses and have a garage sale! You could use your earnings to purchase new clothes and back to school supplies! You may decided to give your earnings to charity.

The kids can help by going through their stuff, help sort and tag. They can make signs and help set up the sale. Older kids can help by assisting customers and handling money transactions.

You may even let them sell lemonade or water to potential customers. You can help them decide how to spend or save their earnings.

Anything that isn't sold should go to Goodwill or The Salvation Army. Who wants that stuff back in the house?

This is a great idea for teaching your kids about team work, organization, money and customer service skills and giving to the community.

The Yard Sale Queen website has some great tips. Have a great sale!

If you live in the Los Angeles area, "Clean House" , the TV program, is looking for people who need a change and organization, in their home.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Dollar Day for Adults - Listen to Army Talk

Today is Dollar Day, so let's not forget the adults. We can all use some financial tips. Take a listen to Tara Crooks' Army Talk This is a weeky internet talk radio show. You can even download it to your MP3. I'm not an Army Wife but enjoy listening to the show. On the August 8th show, Tara speaks with Mary Hunt, Cheapskate Monthly and Stephaine Nelson, The Coupon Mom. She also speaks with Glenn Lewis, First Command Education Foundation, about good and bad debt.

Dollar Day - August 8

Teaching our kids financial responsiblity can help them to avoid very costly mistakes in the future. Many of us are not equipped or have all the tools to teach.

In honor of Dollar Day, August 8, I've listed my picks for great family financial teaching tools. I'm very impressed with Family Bank. This program grows with your children. Even teenagers will benefit from keeping an expense account and budgetting. You and your kids will learn about paying yourself first, applying for loans, having and keeping a budget, giving to charity and much more. ht

You can get an overview of the program at their FAQ site. The short videos are user friendly, clear and detailed. The catagories are broken down into Kids and Parents' view. You will definitely have a good idea if this is the program for you before purchasing.

Another site that is very popular is Kids The site offer links to other kid money sites. There are also articles on setting an allowance, ways for kids to make their own money and much more.
We set Marcus up with a savings account on his 13th birthday, this year. We transfer his allowance into his account once a week. I realized that we needed to teach Marcus spending habits when I looked at his balance. He had been taking withdraws for food and beverages. We will be restricting his withdraws this week.

What is a Telecommuting Job? Jill Hart

What is a Telecommuting Job?

I talk a lot on about telecommuting jobs, how to find a telecommuting job, etc. So, I thought it might be time to explain exactly what a telecommuting job is, what the terms means and how it differs from a Home Business.

A telecommute job is simply a job that you do from home. Most likely, a telecommuter is an independent contractor (files a 1099 tax form) and performs a specific job function from home. Some telecommuters are medical billers, typists, or even recruiters/headhunters.

The term "telecommuter" was coined because these home workers do not commute by car or bus, but by modem or, before cable modems and DSL lines, by their telephone lines. Therefore, they are "tele" commuters.

This term does not usually apply to Home Business owners. Telecommuters do not own a business, they simply work for a company - from home. If you are able to find a telecommuting job with a major company, you may even be considered a telecommuting "employee" in which case the company will withold your taxes for you.

So, when you see the term "telecommuting job", you will know that this company wants an employee or independent contractor to perform a specific job function from home.

Jill Hart is the author of the e-book, 2 Weeks Devotional Journey for Christian Work at Home Moms, and the founder and editor of Christian Work at Home Moms This site is dedicated to providing work at home moms with opportunities to promote their businesses while at the same time providing them spiritual encouragement and articles. E-mail Jill at for additional information or stop by her site at

This article is free to reprint if the Author's Bio remains in tact. For additional articles, please contact Jill Hart.

Rona's Movie Review - Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Mr and Mrs. Smith
Running Time: 1 hr. 55 min.
PG-13 for sequences of violence, intense action, sexual content and brief strong language

A married couple (Pitt and Jolie) are getting bored with their quiet domestic life. What they don't know, however, is that they're both assassins, secretly hopping the world and killing for hire. But their separate lives are about to collide when each finds out their next target is their own spouse.

My husband and I saw this movie last night. We've been married for 8 years and known each other for 20 years. Marriage does get boring sometimes. My favorite line, "That's marriage." My husband and I really liked the therapy scenes. I thought the movie was a bit slow at the beginning. It didn't pick up for me till they found out each other's secret lives. There definitely was a lot of chemistry between them. Brad Pitt had some funny moments. He's gorgeous. Angeline Jolie is beautiful, as usual. Vince Vaughn provides the comic relief. He does that well. My favorite line was "That's marriage." All married couples should see this one together. There's some lessons in there.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Let's Go Bowling Today

Marcus and Xavier went bowling this afternoon. The kids got out of the heat, receive some exercise and eat some fried foods. Marcus got about 3 strikes. Xavier did very well too. It seems that there were other families that had the same idea.

Charles and I got to have some time on our own. It will be our turn next time. I hope you are having a relaxing Sunday too.

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