Friday, September 16, 2005

Incorporating Exercise Into My Life

I recently added a routine of stretching, yoga and workout to my life. I enjoy following Denise Austin, on Lifetime TV. The program is on early in the morning. My son is still sleeping and my husband is busy getting ready for work. I have to say that it's definitely making me feel better. I notice that I do not get depressed as often too.

This is important for me to keep moving since I have 4 herniated discs and 2 compressed cervical discs. I also suffer from bilateral carpal tunnel, nerve damage in my upper back, permanent muscle tightness and so on.

My goals are to get more energy, to lose some weight and to maintain this program. If it helps my pain that would be a plus.

I'll continue to keep you posted.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Science Club - September 14

My mom mentioned to me about volunteering as a Science Lab Helper. We help set up the lab experiements and do clean up. I figured that would be fun.

At our first Science Club Meeting, Mr. Edwards went over the Syllabus for grades 6,7 and 8. He told the parents and new students what they would do at the meetings. We would do at least 2 labs. He would try and do different topics from all three grades. He also gave us a list of field trips we could do.

The first lab was investigating the effects of wood and water when they come in contact with each other.

We had to break five toothpicks into a V-shape and put the point facing each other, then add a drop of water in the middle of the toothpick. The results were the toothpicks turning into a star shape. My results and hypothesis turned out the same.

The second lab was investigating how water drops fallen from different heights, hitting on paper and how they react.

I observed the water drops falling and spreading onto the paper in different patterns and diameters. My results and hypothesis were the same.

Afterwards, I hung around and helped clean up and put away the lab equipment.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

September Country Bunny Bath & Body Customer Special

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My School Schedule

My mom has me on a daily school subject schedule this year. We've been keeping a tight schedule. I also have homework, almost every night. There's a lot more homework this year.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday - Computers, Math

Tuesday and Thursday - History/Georgraphy and Physical Science

Every Day - Practice guitar, P.E. and Literature/English

Workplace Like Home - Message Board for Telecommuters

When I started working from home, as a Virtual Customer Service Rep, one of things that I missed was the daily conversations with my co-workers. I remember even complaining to my husband about it. It wasn't long when I came across "Workplace Like Home" message board.

"Workplace Like Home" is your virtual water cooler. You find mostly telecommuters, who work as Independent Contractors in virtual call centers, data entry, transcription and coding. You can post about recipes, marriage, your favorite movies and books. There are also job leads, as well as links for purchasing the best head sets. You'll also be able to read posts from people complaining about working. Sounds familiar?

I really enjoy reading the posts. It definitely lets you know that you are part of fast growing group of people, telecommuters.

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