Saturday, December 24, 2005

'Law and Order' Marathon on TNT Christmas

I am a 'Law and Order' fan. Actually my husband and son are too. We even quote Lennyhumorism. (that's Marcus' word) TNT has the original 'Law and Order' show on Christmas Day! For us diehard fans, TNT has given us a terrific Christmas present. All day long we can enjoy our favorite Executive Assistant D.A. Jack McCoy and others catch the bad guys and put them behind bars, while unwrapping our presents, eating our dinner and just kicking back!

The marathon starts at 12pm. Visit the website for a list of the shows, reminder services, photo gallery, and more. While you're there test your knowledge playing the 'Law and Order Triva'. We played it together and had a lot of fun answering the questions. There's also a demo of the interactive game. I've played it a few times and it's great!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Here's wishing you and your's a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season.

From Rona, Marcus and Charles

Help Emily Pick Out Her Wedding Dress

Getting Hitched ... the Good, the Bad and the Ugly Blog, at, features Emily and Topher's process of making wedding arrangements. One of the latest entries is Emily's dilemma of which dress to pick. You can help her by looking at both dresses and commenting on your pick.

How fun. I picked dress #1. Which one will you pick? So, when you get a minute or two stop by her blog.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Working at Home and Homeschooling

There are many homeschoolers who also run home businesses or telecommute. I read several posts, on message boards and blogs, asking how to juggle the work and school demands. People are overwhelmed and stressed. What has worked for me is cutting my work day into various shifts.

As a Virtual Customer Service Rep I pick my own hours. Many of the shifts are only 30 minutes. Those are the ones that I select. While working Marcus can be reading, studying or doing homework. In between shifts, I can be teaching lessons, running him to guitar practice, field trips, etc.

When his schoolday is over, I can return to work, if I have scheduled myself. I also work weekends. To not overwhelm myself I split my weekend work day into the 30 minute shifts too. I also give myself a day off.

We follow the school district calendar. During school vacations and days off, I am to have more flexiblity to my schedule. My husband, who works for the County, has many holidays and special days off. He takes over the lessons which frees me up.

Every family, homeschooler and student are different. Do what works best for you. Don't question it if it works.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Making Road Trips Fun

When we have taken road trips we have found that it's much more pleasurable if our son is entertained. As he's gotten older we've done things a bit different. On our Yuma trip, we had Marcus bring his homework, some books, CD player, and Gameboy. We also played Road Trip Bingo.

So, if you're heading out this holiday season visit Homeschool site. Beverly Hernandez has some great ideas for keeping the kids and you entertained. You'll also find our family favorite Car Bingo.

Have a fun and safe road trip!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Yoga May Help With Chronic Back Pain

As a severe back and neck pain sufferer I have been doing some yoga and pilates for several months. I have found that it has helped me with my flexibility, endurance and facing my pain. Don't forget to consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

Today's Yahoo News features a news article about a recent study. It does point out that those with spinal disc problems may not respond well to yoga.

I find that I do have to adapt the positions to what I can do. Many yoga instructors will give you different instruction, if you let them know about your conditions. I would also like to suggest looking for a yoga class for chronic pain sufferers. Our local gym offers a class called 'Gentle Stretching'. I find that I can do most of the positions. Many that attend have back, neck and other pain issues.

If you want to get your feet wet first, visit your public library for Rodney Yee's 'Back Care Yoga' Beginners. Rodney teaches gentle and safe yoga poses that are followed with a 4 minute guided relaxation. I enjoyed this one so much that I purchased it. Vist Rodney's online store for this and other yoga and relaxation DVD's.

Last Minute Christmas Gift Project - Felt Slippers

Leave it to Martha Stewart to come up with a fast and easy sewing project, felt slippers. They look so inviting that I may make a pair for my cold feet. These are just that something special to add to the holiday stocking or gift bag.

They would make great Valentine's Day presents too.
Visit her website for this and other fun, kid friendly projects.

Don't forget to post your pictures after you're done!

Monday, December 19, 2005

2006 Arbor Day National Poster Contest

Homeschoolers of fifth grader are eligible to participate in the 2006 Arbor Day National Poster Contest. Visit the website to request your free copy of the contest guide.

For homeschoolers of all grades, visit the National Arbor's website for FREE lesson plans center on the theme "Trees are Terrific…in All Shapes and Sizes!" The activities will help increase your students’ knowledge about the importance of tree diversity in a community. Activities will correlate with National Science, Social Studies, Geography, and Art Standards.

Don't forget to view the 2005 Poster winners.

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