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Showing posts from January 15, 2006

Preparing For College In The Middle Grades

Colleges mail brochures advertise their college prep course, summer enrichment and internship programs for middle school students. We received a college brochure regarding a creative writing course geared towards grades 5 to 12.

Kids and parents are no longer waiting for their sophomore year to start thinking about what they need to stand out. Look at the non-profit organization, TeenKorp, kids have the leadership and hands on opportunities through commmunity service. The organization keeps track of your teen volunteer's hours in preparation for submitting it with their college applications. Teen section offers an article '10 Questions To Ask When Picking a College'. The number one question is regarding standards. As homeschoolers and homebased learners, knowing required college standards are very important. It can assist you in their middle and high school curriculum.

As our son's counselor said "It's too late to be preparing for college by yo…

We're Sick ! Ugh!

Man, do I hate being sick with a cold, again. You would think that since I work from home and our son is homeschool...Why?! It's the hubby. Yes, he admits that he brought the germs into the house. Thanks a lot Charles. I have to learn to stop kissing you.

So, I'm going to lie down with my heating pad, glass of water and box of Kleenex now. Our son is staying home today from guitar lessons. Too sick to put his shoes on.

Hopefully, I'll feel much better by next week.

Benjamin Franklin's Birthday - January 17

January 17 marks the 300th birthday of Benjamin Franklin. Best known and remembered for his contributions to science and government, Mr. Franklin was also a prolific writer.

Visit PBS for information on the Benjamin Franklin documentary. The website offers lesson plans and classroom.

Stop by the Weekly for a look at Ben Franklin's writings. Ask your student to write an essay in response to Franklin's positions.

The Franklin Institute website provides bits about Benjamin Franklin's life, family, and other contributions. There are links to the Benjamin Franklin National Memorial and The Franklin Institute Science Museum.

This Week's Talk Radio Show - January 16

Jill Hart,, has a jammed packed show this week.

Topics include having a passion for your homebased business! As Jill states, "With passion comes motivation." Listen to her tips and suggestions for getting and maintaining your passion for your business.

Devotion – Angie Peters of Just Words

Child Author Story – Linda Roth of Christian Home and School

“Success From Home” segment with Diana Ennen of Virtual Word Publishing

New feature – Telecommuting Minute with Lequetta Bramer of Transition Home

Her interview with Jackie Mahr, of KCRO Radio

'24' TV Show - Jack Is Back !

Did you catch last night's show? This is the TV show that my husband and I were actually excited about starting it's new season. We love the pace, constant changing of actors and the fact that you really have to follow each show. This is one of the few TV shows, that I know of, that other couples watch together.

Kiefer Sutherland, Jack Bauer, is the main character. He's willing to break the rules to get the job done. By the way, it's been rumored that will be changing. (view the video clip with Kiefer for a hint) For now, we can enjoy watching Jack save us from another terroists act, every Monday, at 8 pm, on the Fox channel.

Stop by the Fox website for your daily dose of '24' details. There's links to the previous season's DVD, video clips, photo gallery, and the '24 Countdown', an online game and much more. And don't forget to stock up on your '24' merchandise at the online store.

Writing Contest - The Grannie Annie

Homeschoolers and homebased learners, grades 4 through 8 are invited to participate in The Grannie Annie Family Story Celebration writing contest. International students are also welcome, ages 9 to 14.

Stories are based on an older generation of your child's family. Deadline for dated entries, is January 31, 2006.

Visit the website for guidelines and the official entry form.