Saturday, February 11, 2006

"I'm January's Winner at Julia's One Stop Shopping Business Resources Blog"

Julia informed me last month, that I won January's drawing for a free gift. You can be eligible by visiting and leaving comments at 'Julia's One Stop Shopping Business Resources' blog.

While you're there, stop by her online gift store, at eBay.

Teen Korps - Serving Our Community

Our teen recently volunteered at the San Diego Food Bank. He was part of a group of 40 adults and kids, whom sorted, packed and loading unperishable foods, onto pallets. Food that had an expiration date and wasn't acceptable, was tossed into a large bin. Acceptable food was packed and than loaded onto pallets. The pallets were than loaded onto trucks that would distribute the food through San Diego county.

Teen Korps gives kids the opportunity to work in teams, leadership opportunities and of course, serving our community. Your teen will be able to pick amongst a several different projects, that are listed monthly. Ages and other requirements are always listed.

Our son commented that it was very hard and physical work. He gained a sense of accomplishment for a job well done.

Visit Teen website for more enrollment information.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Computer Classes for Homeschoolers

These days, it's so important that your students have basic and/or intermediate computer skills. There aren't many jobs that don't require basic Windows, Word, Excel, Internet, email skills.

Our son has been taking computer classes at a local homeschooler campus. He's been taking Excel, Word, Database, Internet, and Powerpoint classes, in preparation, to pass the computer literacy test, required by our local school district.

In our area, there a computer learning businesses that cater to homeschoolers and kids. Prices, dates and times vary. Look for upcoming spring and summer camps too. These programs usually include fun activities. Local public libraries can be another source and the classes are free!

Let's make sure that we're preparing our students well.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Need Tips For Staying Focused at Scrapbook Workshops

This week, Vera Raposo, host, Scrappers Talk Radio Show, discuss the frustration that many of us have when attending a scrapbook workshop or club meeting. There's plenty of tips and prep work that you can do to get the most out of time.

Don't forget to send Vera your comments and suggestions for the show. Would you like to be a guest on the show? E-mail Vera at

Remember this is Internet Talk radio, available 24/7 Click here for a listen.

Today's Posts at Marcus and Me - Family, Kids and Teen Activity, News and Interest Blog

Stop by my Blog, Marcus and Me, at, for my post about Hersey. Learn more about the history of the company and stop by the official Hersey site.

February is Children's Dental Health Month. My post includes a link to classroom resources at the American Dental Association website, to share with your students.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Homeschool Talk Radio Show - Feb 6

Stop by Homeschool Talk Radio Show website and take a listen to part 2 of Lynne's interview with Donna Conner, Homeschooling An Only Child. JoJo Tabares, Art of Eloquence and Jodie Lynn, Parent to Parent are back. Old Schoolhouse provides a product review on a second language curriculum.

It's available 24 hours 7 days a week.

Also, phone or email your responses to this week's question. How important important is it that your child learn a second language and how do you ensure that their needs are met in this area if you yourself speak only one language?

'How to Help Your Teen Prepare For A Strong Financial Future

When our son was 10 years old we opened a savings account for him. Every week, we give him half and deposit the other half of his allowance. He's managed to save up a nice chunk of change.

For other financial tips, I've posted Jeanette Joy Fisher's article, 'How to Help Your Teen Prepare For A Strong Financial Future'from Remember to start a checking account as soon as possible. Most banks and credit unions will not allow them to have a checking account till they are 18 years old.

Remember that teaching them good financial tips early on will pay off when they're adults. Jeanette's 21 year old son has recently purchased his first home!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Rona's Internet Talk Radio Recommendation - ""

I first heard about Jessica's new show on CWAHM message board. I was a little weary about listening to another Internet Talk Radio Show. At this time, I have 4-5 shows I try to listen to weekly. I also wasn't sure if she was going to be doing something different. Would it be worth it to take listen? It sure was!

Jessica Hardy, TheHomeCast, has come up with an unique format for her Internet Talk Radio show. As she states, it's about 'life and all things home'. As you may have noticed, my blog is a catchall for my life.

TheHomeCast Crew consist of a diverse group of ladies. They will end each show with the roundtable, which they will comment on that show's topics. You can also read their posts at the Blog.

Please stop by and take a look. Make sure to listen to Show 1 and 2.
Cindy Rushton's interview is very informative, inspiring and enlighting. Don't forget to sign up for e-newsletters and enews. I'm sure you'll be adding this one to your Favorites too.

The History Channel - Black History Month

On February 7, and 11th, "Modern Marvels" TV program, will be featuring George Washington Carver. The show will discuss his personal and professional accomplishments. And how his research and inventions influenced and shaped a wide range of industries.

Visit The History Channel website for the scheduled time, in your area, and your copy of the Teacher's Guide. You'll find vocabulary words, as well as discussion questions.

You'll also find a link to other TV shows, video clips, pictures and more on the Black History Month link.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Healthy Family Talk Radio Show - January 28

Kari St. Louis, Heathly Family Talk Radio Show, invites Diana Walker, Sunrider Group Director, to speak about the dangers of artifical sweetners. Diana also discuss Sunrider products benefits.

Another guest, Carrie Lauth, Natural-Moms discuss about the joys of homebirth and homeschooling. Carrie's website offers a newsletter to keep you updated on leading a healthy natural life.

There's also a segment from Healthy Menu Mailer.

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