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The Difference Between a Work At Home Job and A Home Business by Stephen Kreutzer

I've had a few at home businesses and currently are a Virtual Customer Service Rep. For this gal, I really enjoy my telecommuter position. If you're still a bit confused about the difference please read the article below.
The Difference Between A Work At Home Job And A Home Business
by: Stephen Kreutzer

Sometimes people get confused by the terms work at home job and business opportunity. They are two different ways to work at home. Some people think they are interchangeable, but they really each have their own characteristics.

A work at home job is most like an job outside the home. The person works for a company. They are assigned work and often have a schedule to follow that is set by the company. While most work at home jobs do not hire on people as employees, they are still basically working in the role of an employee. Most work at home positions are as an independent contractor, which basically means the company does not withhold taxes and do not have …

In Memory of Missy Gray - Community

Missey Gray of Heartschooling Blog, at passed away on March 1st while giving birth to her daughter, Melissa Kate. Missey was the devoted wife of Tom.

She was a dedicated mother to Nathaniel, Samantha, Susan, Natalie, and newborn Melissa. Missey was also the friend to many in Arkansas and online. She began several Yahoo Groups to encourage woman in the Lord and homeschooling. Missy has been a tremendous source of wisdom and encouragement to so many ladies in the homeschool community.

Click on the link to read the many tributes to Missey. You will find information on how to send a donation or note of encouragement.

Explore Careers with Your Homeschooler

A few years ago a friend asked our son what he wants to be doing for living when he's all grown up, his reply was "I have no idea." Many, not all kids know what they will be doing when they graduate from high school.

As homeschool parents we have an opportunity to help our kids explore various careers and post high school options. Job Shadowing is just one of the ways to introduce them to a possible career.

Our son had secured a spot in the Job Shadowing Opportunity at our local Old Navy Store. He had the opportunity to get a first hand look at retail sales and management. The program offered orientation and training program, shadowing at the register, receiving and stocking, merchandising and managerial. He experience a Old Navy employee's work day. He had the opportunity to see if this is a possible career choice for him.

You can create your own job shadowing opportunites by contacting businesses and explaining that you would like your teen to experience the job f…

Building Teen Character: Volunteering for Community Service by Rachel Paxton

As you may already know our teenage son is part of a volunteer group, Teen Korps. Besides the fact that he's contributing to his local community, we've seen him become more comfortable in unfamiliar settings, outgoing, a team player and just a great kid and friend. Read Rachel Paxton's article for her views on how volunteering can help build your teen's character.*******************************

Building Teen Character: Volunteering for Community Service
By: Rachel Paxton

Volunteering in the community is a great way to serve the people in the area where you live. Many non-profit organizations are run by people who give a lot of their own time and money to make your community a better place, and volunteers help these services to continue.

In addition, community service is a great way for teenagers to become aware of needs outside themselves. Don't wait until your teenagers are required to perform mandatory community service to help them get more involved in your comm…

To Clean or Not to Clean (Your Child's Room) by Rachel Paxton

I realize that I need for my 14 year old son to take over his room cleaning duties. I would hate to hear from his future roommates and/or spouse about his inability to clean up after himself. Read the following article for more inspiration.

To Clean or Not to Clean (Your Child's Room)
By: Rachel Paxton

Whether or not to help your child clean their room. It's an age old dilemma. I still clearly remember my dad patiently (and sometimes not so patiently) explaining and demonstrating to me how to fold the sheet corners on my bed. I just didn't understand how the way he learned to make his bed in the army had to do with me and how I made my bed. Why was he torturing me this way?

I never did figure out why having such a neatly made bed was so important to my dad, but he eventually gave up and found other ways to ensure I grew up with serviceable housekeeping skills. So how do you pass these skills along to your children without them hating …

Save Our History - Homeschoolers Can Win Scholarships

Students Can Win Scholarships Of Up To $5,000 For
Their Local History Projects
Let your students, principals and parents know that
Save Our History also honors students who have made a
positive contribution to their local community by
learning about, documenting, and/or preserving its
history. Are your students working on an in-class
project that explores the history of their city, town,
or neighborhood? Is there a student in your school
working on a history themed, independent
service-learning project? Are they volunteering at
the local museum or historical society, or
participating in a cleanup of a historic site, park,
or monument?

Twenty-four students who submit the most creative
projects demonstrating their efforts to study,
document, and/or preserve their local history will win
$1,000 cash prizes. One student will receive a $5,000
cash prize and a free trip to Washington D.C., where
he or she will be recognized as the Save Our History
Student of the Year at the Save Our History National
Honors eve…

Newspaper Education Week - March 6 to 10

As this homeschooler knows the newspaper is an inexpensive and very resourceful teaching tool. You can use your local newspaper to incorporate in all your school topics. Many newspapers even offer free curriculum to be used with the paper.

This week, check with your local paper's website for some lesson plans. Stop by the Newspaper in Education website for lesson plans, teacher's guides and
'This Week in History'.

The Newspaper Association of America website offers a free Teacher's Guide.

Education World website offers several lesson plans for grades from K to 12. Your student can interview a local newspaper report, use the food ads and coupons to create a menu plan, draw an editorial cartoon, and much more.

Consumer Education and Family Science Curriculm

Our eighth grader started a Consumer Education and Family Science curriculum last month. We're using a textbook, 'Today's Teen' and 'Life Prep for Homeschooled Teenagers'. offers Reading Comprehension worksheets on health, safety, and careers.

With 'Today's Teen' he'll be covering personal skills like decision making, goal setting, and accessing resources, plus consumer and money skills, and career exploration. Friendships, health, and nutrition are also covered. Sewing, cooking and menu planning are just a few of the Family Science topics that are included. The book has questions/answers and hands on activites.

The 'Life Prep for Homeschooled Teenagers' by Barbara Frank. There's a Reading List for financial, living and working themes. The Project List gives your student a variety of projects, such as food expense, shopping for health and car insurance and filling out college applications.

Along with attending cook…

CWAHM RAdio Show - February 26th

On this week's show, Jill Hart, host, speaks with Diana, about teamwork. Angie Peters, gives this week's Devotional message. Lequetta Bramer, Transition Home, gives the Telecommuting Minute.

You can listen online, at the CWAHM website or download the show to your MP3 player.

Breakfast for Dinner - Why Not?

Looking for a relaxing dinner idea? Why not serve breakfast for dinner? Just add a bowl of fruit, juice and decaf coffee. And since today is International Pancake Day, how about pancakes?

Visit for more about breakfast for dinner and a yummy pancake recipe.

Other breakfast for dinner ideas courtesy of Taste of Home cookbook magazine:

Buttermilk Waffles

Baked Omelet

Apple Fritters

Deluxed Scrambled Eggs

Family-Style French Toast

What Are the Differences Between Telecommute Resumes and Standard Resumes" by Jennifer Anthony

Are you planning on applying for a work at home customer service position? You'll need to create a different resume than the standard resume. Read more below courtesy of Jennifer Anthony.
What Are the Differences Between Telecommute Resumes and Standard Resumes?
By: Jennifer Anthony

1. Telecommute resumes have to stand out.

Recruiters and hiring mangers are flooded with resumes when they post a telecommute job. I spoke to a recruiter that stated he gets between 750 and 1,000 resumes, each day, every time he posts a project. It starts to taper off a little after the third day. So after just three days, he could easily have more than 2,000 resumes to sort through.

Because of this, you absolutely have to have a resume that stands apart from the crowd. I don’t mean that you should add all kinds of clipart and colorful graphics - so don’t go crazy. You should take time to make sure your information is presented in an easy to read and eye-pleasing format. You wi…

It's Our 'Little One''s Birthday! Happy Birthday Marcus

On February 26, 1992, at the Maine Medical Hospital, Marcus Joseph Berry was born at 4:30pm. My husband just knew it was a boy and picked out the name. (My husband's a Marcus Allen fan..Joseph is my husband's middle name) I really thought I was having a girl. But I've never been more happy to be a mom of a boy.

It's been a joy being mom to our 14 year old son. He's always going to be my 'Little One' even though he's now 5 feet 10 1/2 inches and wears a size 13 mens shoe.

As my husband and I reflect on the last 14 years, we occassionally shed a tear or two and look at all the scrapbooks with huge smiles.

He's spending the day with his dad, working out at our local gym and playing some basketball. (no surprise there) So, after I get done with my work shift today we'll be heading to Marcus' favorite restaurant, 'Red Lobster'.

Happy Birthday Marcus!