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Cash or Accrual Accounting Method - Picking the Right One for Your Home Business

This was the first year that I had to deal with filing taxes for a home business. Cash or Accrual ? What do they mean? Is there a right or wrong choice?

Visit Dr. Laura's website, 'Start Making Money at Home' section and read Cliff Ennico's article. He explains it the difference clearly and gives examples. And guess what? I did pick the right one...accrual.

Also, take a look at 'Mom's Gone Virtual' Blog. There's important accounting and tax information that's beneficial to work-at-home parents. You can even email questions to Arika.

March is Math Education Month

When you need help with your math problems here's a few online sites to get help.
Please keep in mind many of these are fee based. Visit the website for more details.

Any Time Tutor - Online chat, cost is $2.5 a session, unlimited help for math, whiteboard technology, 24 hour access, email help is available, cost $5 to open account - first lesson is free - free online visual math solutions (Algebra and Geometry), no online tutoring offered. Our math tutor recommends this one. Homework - online quizzes, worksheets, study tips and much more are available, Basic Math to Calculus are covered at this free site. Another one that our math tutor recommends. - many public libraries offer this company's services, check the website to see if your library is listed. Expensive but definitely very helpful tutors, whiteboard technology, and we've used this one! $69.99 monthly, $24.99 weekly and $14.99 daily rates are offered. Try a free day session.

Geometry …

Meatloaf Appreciation Day - April 1

I just love meatloaf. Don't you. It's a comfort food, and you can make meatloaf sandwiches! Yummy! While growing up, we must have had it at least once a week. My mother usually made it with homemade brown gravy, vegetable and biscuits.

In honor of Meatloaf Appreciation Day, stop by for your choice of meatloaf recipes. What I like about this website is the customer feedback. You can read what others have to say about a recipe before trying it. Some even comment about changes that made to the recipe to make it better.

So, get cooking!

'Harper' - Teen Book Recommendations and More

Are your pre-teens and teenslooking for some great reads, hot off the presses? Have them stop by Harper website to find a wide variety of teen books, special contests, online newsletters, polls and reading community with updates about the latest book picks.

They'll also find links to other book sites such as Beverly Cleary,
Mary Kate and Ashley and
Little House Books.

'How to Apply for Their First Job' - Teen Advice

Is your teen planning on getting their first summer job this year? How about giving them a few helpful tips at Teen Advice From having a resume ready, wearing the right clothing, to writing a follow up letter, they'll be able to approach their job search with confidence.

Consider having them read 'How to Wow at a Job Interview' Better yet use the print option so they can refer to them.

Good luck on their job search.

'Black Frontiers: A History of African American Heroes in the Old West' by Lillian Schlissel

Marcus and I are currently studying the expansion of the West. Using the online public library card catalog, I was able to locate a fantastic book, 'Black Frontiers: A History of African American Heroes in the Old West' by
Lillian Schlissel.

This book is full of historical photos, facts, stories and unknown heroes. Throughout the book the African American and American Indian relationship is discussed. Many African Americans lived with American Indian tribes, married, had children, learned the culture and language, even before the Civil War.

The Black Homesteaders and Exodusters are discussed. After the Civil War, Benjamin Singleton purchased part of a Cherokee reservation. Mr. Singleton offered homesteaders the chance to start a black settlement in Kansas. For just one dollar, paid in 25 cent installments they could be part of the new community. By 1879, Dunlap and Nicodemus had eight hundred homesteaders.

Between 1870 and 1885 it is estimated that one in four of the…

National Mom and Pop Business Day - March 29

Today we honor those small mom and pop businesses that make our shopping more fun. They provide extra customer service, know our names, and provide great product suggestions. It may cost more, they don't have all the bells and whistles that the huge stores have, but the positives definitely outweight the negatives. They are a great access to our local communities.

Read this newspaper article about small businesses owners' responses due to a new Wal-mart being built. Support your local mom and pop businesses in your local. They're what keep our economy great!

It's Coca Cola Day - Invented on March 29

Image of World of Coca Cola Museum, Las Vegas

Stop by the official Coca Cola website for music downloads, watch new tv commercials and much more.

Visit Wikepedia website for historical information on this popular beverage. Did you know that John Pemberton suffered an ongoing addition to morphine? He believed that believed Coca Cola could cure many diseases including morphine addiction.

Enjoy learning more about the worldwide popular beverage!

Spring Theme Lesson Plans at TeachersCorner.Net

Stop by website for your choice of Spring themed lesson plans. Check out the all time favorite, Gardening lesson plans. Take your kids to your local gardening store, have them buy seeds and supplies. (consumer lesson) Have them document the growth of their plants in a gardening journal. (writing and science lesson) The Window Box lesson plan is appropriate for a variety of grades.

Don't forget to check out Homeschooling's printable Spring themed worksheets. Your kids will fun doing the Spring Word Search, Spring Crossword Puzzle, Vocabulary List, and much more!

After you're done, take a walk around the neighborhood, point out the new buds on the trees. It's a nice way to wrap up your Spring theme lesson.

Stop by Homeschool Daze Blog at Homeschooling

Stop by the Homeschool Daze Blog at Homeschooling today. You'll find other homeschoolers comments and pictures.

The latest questions are 'If you could change anything from your home schooled life, what would it be and how would you have wished it to be different?' 'Also, what out of everything did you enjoy the most?'

Don't forget to leave your comments.

'Kraft Food and Family Magazine' -Quick and Easy Recipes and More

This is one magazine that even my guys like to look at. 'Kraft Food & Family Magazine' is full of recipes, food news, new Kraft products, and lots more. Best of all it's FREE. All you do is sign up , at the website and you'll start receiving your free copy in the mail.

I'm sure it will become your family favorite too.

'10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America' - The History Channel

The History Channel is proud to present the highly anticipated special event, 10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America. The series is comprised of 10
documentaries, each created by a different award-winning filmmaker or filmmaking team, spotlighting 10 historic events that triggered seismic shifts in America's political, cultural or social landscape. Using a range of storytelling techniques
including expert interviews, archival footage, historical artifacts, and animation, the series offers viewers a fresh perspective on well-known historical
incidents while also shining a light on the tremendous impact of less frequently cited events.

10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America, Sunday,April 9th through Thursday, April 13th (two hours each evening starting at 9PM/8c) Stop by The History Channel online store for DVDs, videos and more.