Saturday, May 27, 2006

Telecommuting Idea: Online Tutor by Nell Taliercio

My husband and I have decided to hire a math tutor, to assist our son, in his eighth grade Algebra test. He's required to take this test.

This is a great job option for people wanting to have their own business. It provides a flexible schedule. You can choice to offer your service, face to face or online. Please read Nell Taliercio's article regarding online tutoring. Many of the suggestions can apply to face to face.

Telecommuting Idea: Online Tutor
By: Nell Taliercio

There are a lot of kids from 1st grade to college that could use some help with their schoolwork. Parents are often not able to give them the help and attention they need to get them back on track on a particular subject. A tutor is the perfect solution.

While there are many people who will tutor locally, in the student’s home, or their own house, the idea of an online tutor is still fairly new. If you have been tutoring kids in your neighborhood, taking your tutoring job online to attract more clients may be a great idea.

If you haven’t worked as a tutor, but this sounds like an interesting idea, take a look at your skills. Are there particular subjects in school that you excelled at?

You will need a website to promote your service, as well as a way to communicate with your young clients and their parents. Let’s take a look at a couple of different ways you could tutor your students online.

Your students can simply email you questions they have. You answer the email and send them exercises and practice tests this way. Even if you are not using email as your main means of communication, keep it in mind when you want to get something to your students while they are not online, or to send them exercises and other files.

Chat Program
Using a chat program will give you more one-on-one interaction with your student. You are able to respond to their questions immediately and will also get feedback from your students. You can check right away if your student understands the problem you are explaining. The students can also ask follow up questions immediately.

Instant Messenger
Instant Messenger works very similar to a regular chat program. There are quite a few instant messengers available for free download. You get the benefit of the chat software without having to install it. Most kids will already be familiar with using Instant Messenger, making it easy to get started.

Message Board
The message board is another great tool to stay in contact with your students. Just like email students will be able to ask you questions any time of the day and you can respond during your regular working hours. If you have a group of students on a similar subject, they may benefit from being able to read and discuss their questions among themselves in addition to getting help from you.

Video Conferencing
Video Conferencing is as close as you can get to being in the same room with your students. You will be able to see your students, observe how they are doing and are also able to read their body language, which can help you determine if your student understands what you are talking about or not. Video Conferencing services have become very affordable over the past year, making this a viable option for you as an online tutor.

You could even offer a subscription-based service that would give students and their parents access to a database of tutorials, articles, FAQ’s and other resources compiled by you to help the kids with their school work. If becoming an online tutor sounds like something you are interested in doing, give it a try. Get the word out and start accepting a few students.

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Suggestive Selling is Not Being Pushy by Maria Palma

It's always a puzzled look on my face, when I read a post, from a home agent, that suggestive selling (upsells) are being rude or pushy. As a sales person, I feel that's it's part of my job, to present additional products and services. The customer retains the right to respond yes or no, if they would like to add it to their order. Besides, sales is about increasing the sale.

Please read Maria's blog post, on this issue. You'll also find helpful information regarding customer service and sales tips.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Clothing and Fabric Care - Independent Living Skills

It's so important to teach your sons and daughters about clothing and fabric care. Routine care can prevent wrinkles, stains, shrinkage and repair problems with their clothes. This will also lead to being more organized and even save them time.

Housekeeping site has great references, including a fabric care guide. The fabric link explains what all the funny symbols mean.

Did you know that most acetate garments should be hand washed in warm water? Only pre-washed silk garments should be hand washed. It's best to give wool items a 24 hour rest between wearings. You can read more fabric care tips at Fabric Link.

I'm planning on teaching our son how to sew a button, hook and eye and a snap. These are skills that he will be able to take with him, onto his independent life.

Modern Marvels: Coffee - The History Channel

Modern Marvels: Coffee
Wednesday, May 31st at 8PM/7c

Coffee is one of the most popular commodities in the world, helping fuel the economies of many nations and providing a caffeine jolt to millions. This
documentary explores the world of coffee, from Ethiopia over a thousand years ago through the espresso-fueled explosion of specialty coffee stores like Starbucks. This one hour Modern Marvels episode traces the development of coffee production through the 18th and 19th centuries along with exploring the ways coffeehouses became the creative cauldrons of political and artistic progress in the 18th and 19th
Centuries. This one hour Modern Marvels episode follows the global story of coffee production through the present day, examining the differences in the way coffee is consumed in various cultures. This program is an excellent case study in the development of a single commodity, bringing students through the centuries to understand how and why drinking coffee has become such a prevalent pastime and preoccupation throughout the globe. Educators may find it useful to
show clips from this program to supplement lesson plans on the industrial revolution, popular culture,and the growth of the global economy.

Curriculum Links:
Modern Marvels: Coffee would be useful for middle
school and high school courses in History, Social studies,
American Culture, Economics, and Science and Technology.

Discussion Questions:
1. Why do you think coffee has become such a popular
drink throughout the world? Is it a necessary item?
What other commodities do you think are comparable to
2. If coffee production suddenly ended tomorrow, what do
you think the effect would be throughout the world?

Thursday, May 25, 2006

This is National Backyard Games Week!

My favorite website, for outdoor family games, is Family You'll have a choice of games for all ages, including adults.

From old classics, like Red Rover to Stumps, a version of tug-a-war, you and your kids will have fun and laughs, this summer.

Have a happy and safe Memorial weekend!

National Missing Child Day is May 25

In 1983, President Ronald Regan proclaimed May 25 National Missing Children’s Day. Each administration since has honored this annual reminder to the nation to renew efforts to reunite missing children with their families and make child protection a national priority. National Missing Children’s Day is a reminder to all parents and guardians of the need for high-quality photographs of their children for use in case of an emergency, and for the need for everyone to pay close attention to the posters and photographs of missing children.

Get involved, make donations, report strangers and write your state and local officials. For more information, go to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children website.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Last Minute Lasagna - Real

Don't you just love making good, healthy meals but wish you had the time? Real website has a series of Fake It, Don't Make It recipes. One that my family is going to be trying, this weekend, is the Last-Minute Lasagna. Just five ingredients, a 13x9 baking dish, and 30 minutes, is all you need. Make a green salad to round it out. The best part, the leftovers make great brown bag lunch, for dad.

Happy Birthday Brooklyn Bridge!

Construction began in January 3, 1870. The Brooklyn Bridge was completed thirteen years later and was opened for use on May 24, 1883. On that first day, a total of 1,800 vehicles and 150,300 people crossed. The bridge's main span over the East River is 1,595 feet (486 meters). The bridge cost $15.1 million to build and approximately 27 people died during its construction. A week after the opening, on May 30, a rumor that the Bridge was going to collapse caused a stampede which crushed twelve people.

Stop by Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia for more historical information and pictures.

Other Brooklyn Bridge websites include:

Brooklyn Bridge Website

NYC Tourist Website

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Telecomuting Job Idea - Appointment Setter

I recently subscribed to, an online job listing site, for people looking for work at home positions. I noticed that there were several Appointment Setter positions. This is a job opportunity that I wasn't very familiar with. Please read Nell Taliercio, Telecommuting Lady, article to learn more.
Telecommuting Idea: Appointment Setter
By: Nell Taliercio

Most small business owners are very busy people who don’t have a lot of extra time on their hands. They will happily outsource some of their daily time-consuming tasks to a telecommuter. One of these time consuming tasks is setting appointments. Appointment setting is a perfect occupation for a telecommuter. The employer doesn’t necessarily need a full-time employee to set his appointments, but at the same time needs someone that is available the majority of business hours in case his clients call in, or to make calls at different times of the day.

A telecommuter is the perfect candidate for this position. As a telecommuting appointment setter you can work with your employer’s schedule. If he needs a few calls made in the morning and then wants you to be available for callbacks in the afternoon, you are there to help. Best of all, you are not limited to just one employer or client. You can easily work as an appointment setter for several business owners at the same time. This will allow you to make a fulltime income while allowing each employer to only pay you for a few hours per day or week.

Setting appointments is something you can easily do from home. All you need is a phone and some way to organize yourself. A computer with Microsoft Outlook, or an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of your clients’ schedules would work well. You could even do this with a good paper calendar at first.

You should have good telephone and written skills to work as an appointment setter. Previous experience as an administrative assistant or secretary is not necessary, but is definitely a plus when it comes to the skills you need and when you are approaching prospective employers or clients. You should also be fairly organized to be able to keep up with multiple appointments for multiple clients each day.

As an appointment setter you will be spending a lot of time both on the phone and on email. You will be checking in with your clients (the small business owners) on a daily basis and then spend the rest of your time contacting their clients, setting up and later confirming appointments. Of course you will also keep your own clients or employers informed of any changes or cancellations throughout the day.

If this is something you are interested in doing, here’s how to start. Determine your hourly rate. You should take the going rate for a task like this in an office setting into consideration and then up it from there. Your employer does not have to provide you with an office, a computer, telephone or any other equipment. You are also most likely going to be an independent contractor, which means he does not have to pay for any of your benefits or taxes. You will be responsible for all this, keep that in mind when determining your rate.

Now it’s time to approach small business owners in your area with what you have to offer and start building a client base. Once you have a few happy clients, word of mouth advertising should start to bring you even more business.

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Nell Taliercio is the owner and founder of – which is a leading resource website with work at home jobs and everything a telecommuting mom would need. Come visit us today!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Looking for Extra Coffee Money? - Pinecone Research

After reading a post, on Work Place Like Home, I decided to join an online consumer research company, called Pinecone Research. After you register and your application is accepted, you are sent a user id and password. Your surveys are sent to your email address. Occasionally, products will be mailed to you to test. Sometimes, other household members will be asked to fill out surveys. And best of all, you're paid $5 for each completed survey!

Today, I received my first $5 check, from Pinecone Research! I think I'll treat myself to a mocha frappacino at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

'24' Season Finale Tonight - Fox Channel

I know where I'll be, at 8pm, in front of my TV, watching Jack save us from another threat! This episode will be a 2 hour show.

Stop by the Fox website for channel locations and more information.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Homeschooling - Route 66 Printables

With school days winding down I've been looking for some fun activities, to fill attendance requirements. Homeschooling offers theme printables. The printables are downloadable and free.

Route 66, better known as "The Main Street of America," represents a lot of things to many people. To some, it holds memories of adventures taken across country. For others, the magical road is a romantic representation of times gone by. Learn more about it - In Celebration of Route 66.

Route 66 Printables include a word search, vocabulary, crossword puzzle, map activity and much more.

RIF Reading Planet Club - Summer Reading Program

Have your kids, ages 5 to 15, join RIF and Target for this year's Summer Reading Challenge by tracking your child's reading hours. They will be entered for a chance to win a $10 Target Gift Card.

They'll also find games and activities at the website. You can download an Activity Booklet and Bookmark. Visit the website to register and for contest rules.

Programs ends August 11, 2006.

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