Saturday, June 17, 2006

Romance Your - Tips and Ideas

Nicole Dean, Romance Your, offers you tips on creating a romantic dinner, having fun in your marriage and even renewing your wedding vows. Don't let those outside barriers get in the way. Stop making excuses. Visit her site and take action.

Why is It Important for Women to Initiate Romance - Nicole Dean

I have to say that for many years of our marriage I would complain about my husband's inability to be romantic. I wanted the flowers, the huge surprises, ect. Then I got hurt at work and couldn't do much for myself. I had to rely on my husband to dress me, help me get in and out of bed. Suddenly, who was initiating romance wasn't so important. I do have a very romantic husband, he shows it everyday! He brings me coffee, in the morning. Stays up with me when I'm unable to sleep.

Oftentimes we, as women, leave our needs unexpressed and wait for our husbands to just guess what to do. Many men honestly don’t know how to be romantic. And, when they do get up the courage to attempt romance, their efforts may not be expressed in a way that we appreciate or even recognize as romance.

Look how silly this sounds, if your son was attempting algebra and didn’t understand it, you wouldn’t cry because he didn’t love you. As a mom, we’d sit down, and go over it again and again, for as long as it took until he understood. Yet, we expect our husbands to know something that they’ve never been taught. Instead of leaving your man to struggle, show him how to romance you. How will he know what to do if you don’t show him?

So, how can you teach him how to romance you?

1. Be romantic yourself.
If you show him that you value him and love him on a regular basis, instead of expecting him to be the romantic one, he’ll be more receptive to trying it himself. The old saying “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar” definitely applies. Yelling and crying because he isn’t romantic isn’t exactly going to put him in the lovey mood.

2. Tell him what you like.
Do you enjoy expensive gifts or would you rather have him make something for you? Would you like him to go on walks with you? Give you cut flowers or live plants?

Make a list of every birthday, anniversary and holiday and include ideas for things he can buy or do for you. Set him up to succeed.

3. Learn what he likes.
The same thing stands for him. Know what makes him happy.

Please don’t buy him an expensive gift if he’s the frugal type. He won’t like it.
Don’t take him to a fancy French restaurant if he’s a Burger kind of guy. It’s ok to take him there for your birthday, but don’t take him there for his birthday.
If he loves sports, then go to them with him.

Please initiate romance. So often, women just get more and more resentful that they aren’t feeling romanced and their man has no clue what to do to fix it. There really should be a required romance course before you can get your marriage license. At least that way, men would, at some point in time, learn how to be romantic. Until then, it’s our job to show him just what we want and need to feel special. Now go Romance Your Man!

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Nicole Dean is a contributing author for - a website dedicated to helping married couples stay friends and to help them remember why they married each other in the first place. Our motto is: If he's sweet, rub his feet.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Crackers Jack Birthday - 1893

Who didn't love opening that box of Cracker Jacks, smelling the caramel coated popcorn and peanuts and finding their prize, as a kid? I fondly remember shaking the box right after my parents would hand me my box.

Visit the official Cracker Jacks website to learn more about American's favorite snack. Did you know that in 1912 the toy prize was introduced? Also, visit for more historical facts.

Happy Cracker Jacks!

'Living Single' - First Season is Now Available!

I laughed so hard while watching Disc 1, of 'Living Single' that our teenage son came in. He quickly joined me. Soon he was commented on how funny Overton, Regine, Khadijah, Maxine, Kyle and Synclaire were.

Stop by to read the various comments about this top Fox show. It aired in 1993 and quickly became a hit. It was the first show to portray African Americans living their young lives.

My favorite will always be Maxine, attorney at law. My son says he loves Regine, boutquet buyer, who's always purchasing new hair. My husband loves Synclaire's innocent laugh and approach to everything.

Rent or buy the DVD today!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Our Summer Vacation Starts Today! - End of Another School Year

My son's big smile showed it all. We're done with all the tests, lesson plans and homework for this school year. As we collected the schoolbooks and materials, to turn them in to the school bookstore, I actually got a bit sad. I realize that our 'Little One' is about to be a Freshman, in high school. Wow! We made it!

My first day will consist of an increased of work hours, attending a required training meeting, more training, a hour of homework and watching the 'Soul Food' movie video, that I checked out from the local library. Our son's sleep in, of course.

Have a safe, fun summer.

Frugal Summer Entertainment -

I love summer vacation. It's a great time for our family to spend some time away from home and having an enjoyable time, but I don't want to break the piggy bank. Pat Veretto, Frugal Living Guide, has a list that will keep the kids from getting bored.

You'll probably even have some ideas that aren't on the list. Our local cable company, Time Warner, offers Moonlight Movies. There are games, activities and giveaways along with a movie, shown outside. And the admission is FREE.

Visit your public library for free activities for the kids, celebrating their summer reading program. For the adults, you'll find movie views, classes and even book clubs.

So don't let a tight budget keep you from enjoying your summer vacation.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The WC - Work at Home Mom Magazine is Now FREE

Kelly McCausey, WAHMTalkRadio Host, has had a printed and mailed out mini-magazine for work at home moms for several months now.

The news is that she's decided to make this mini-magazine available at no cost! So for those of you who were interested in her magazine before or for those who maybe have never heard of it - you can now get your subscription for no cost whatsoever.

Issues topics usually include Direct Sales, Telecommuting, Marketing/Advertising, Your Business, Sanity Saver Tips and much more!

Get your no cost subscription to the WC magazine today!

Telecommuting Cover Letters by Nell Taliercio

Many work at home opportunities and companies are requesting a cover letter, as well as a resume. Nell Taliercio, Telecommuting Answer Lady, addresses the importance and difference of a cover letter, for telecommuters.

Question: How do I market myself online?

Answer: With a stellar cover letter and resume.

Okay, so let's get into the meat of this. You know that you need to market yourself, and you can do that with a stellar cover letter and resume. But, why is that so important? Let's think about this. When you apply offline for a job, you are competing with a handful of people (usually) and right there you have a better chance to get called in for an interview. Online jobs you are often competing with hundreds, if not thousands, of other applicants for the very same position.

In the "real world" you apply in person. Therefore, you can dress for success and put your best foot forward. You can impress them with your presence and personality. Online you can’t. What’s your "best foot forward" online?

That would be your cover letter and resume – how you present yourself on paper. Your cover letter and resume have to show your skills and your personality; it has to be your presence.

How do you put your best foot forward with your cover letter and resume? A telecommuting employer (one who hires work at home employees) is looking for different things on cover letters and resumes then those offline. Let’s talk about cover letters first. If you're not sending a cover letter with your resume then this might be one of the reasons you're not getting hired. The cover letter is your VERY first impression. Take the time to show you're very serious about the job they have open. See if you can find who the head of HR is, and address it to that person. Tailor your cover letter to that specific position.

This is optional, but I always put where I found the position (for example, "The position I'm applying for is Customer Service, which I found at"). I always did that even with offline jobs, but it’s not necessary. I think some employers just like to know where you heard about their job. This is especially helpful online because jobs get passed around and around online. It could have started out on a certain website and then ended up on hundreds of others.

Make sure you pay attention to the job ad. Does it say you need DSL? Does it say you will be working with certain software? Whatever the requirements, if you meet them, put that down on the cover letter. The employer will scan over your cover letter, and you want what’s on yours to stand out and grab their eye. If you have what they need, you're going to grab their attention – and that’s what you want!

Overall, you want to pay attention to detail, outline why you're the best person for the job (without going on too long about how great you are), and point out that you have what is required for the job.

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Nell Taliercio is the owner and founder of – which is a leading resource website with work at home jobs and everything a telecommuting mom would need. Come visit us today!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Time for You - Barnes and Noble University

Now that the kids are on summer vacation why do you consider taking an online course or two? It's possible at Barnes and Noble You'll find free courses and reading groups. I recently signed up for a course, 'Exploring Herbal Medicine'. I wanted to learn more about alternative medicines and treating pain, PMS and menopause. You'll find also find the recommended books, that can be purchased at the website.

There are non-accrediated Liberal Arts, Live Improvement and Online Reading Groups.

So consider taking time out for you and taking an online course.

June 13 is Sewing Machine Day

Looking for some tutorials on sewing machines, for yourself and your kids? Consider purchasing 'Today's Teen' textbook. This book covers consumer education and independent living skills. You'll find a terrific lesson plan on basic sewing and sewing machine 101. Also visit some of the following websites.

Martha Stewart - Understanding Your Sewing Machine - Sewing Machine History

Sewing Machine - Troubleshooting, Sewing Machine Companies, Shopping Tips and Machine Care

Monday, June 12, 2006

'Meaning of Life Challenge'

One wise winner with the most profound answer to the question, 'What is the meaning of life?' will be awarded a $10,000 cash prize.

Submit original entries of 25 words or less online at The Meaning of Life website or call 562-943-1776.

June 12 is Baseball Day

My husband's co-workers, families and friends have gotten together and purchased tickets for a Padres baseball game. This will be our first time at the
Petco Stadium. Located near the Gaslamp District, surrounded by hotels, restaurants and clubs, it will give us an excuse to go early for dinner. Our teenage son hasn't never been in the Gaslamp District, on foot. It should be fun.

The Padres will be playing the Dodgers. (my mother-in-law's favorite baseball team) It should be a great game!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

My Sistahs - Sexual and Reproductive Health Issues for Young Women of Color

I found helpful, as a mother, of a teenage son. This web site was created for young women of color who need information about sexual and reproductive health issues. You'll find personal stories, articles on a variety of topics such as date violence, the definition of a good partner, abstinence, HIV vaccine and links to tons of loca and national resources.

Visit 'Marcus and Me' Blog - Contest News and More

You'll find a variety of contest for you to enter, including the Better Homes and Gardens Family Cook-Off, Food Network Summer for Life Giveaway, and Make Life a Little Sweeter Contest.

At Marcus and Me I also post happenings in the homebased learning field, family, kid and teen activities, and news. You'll also occasionally read what we're up to.

Music Recital - Our ISP Group

My husband and I attended our son's music recital last week. It was in the evening to give more parents an opportunity to attend. All the music students performed either in an assemble or individually. It was fun to hear how much the kids had improved since last year's recital.

Our son plays classic guitar and his group played several short selects. Other groups included wind instruments, violins, and a jazz band. Two of the students sang 'If You Don't Have a Swing' with the band. They were a bit nervous but as the crowd got into it they loosen up.

After the performance, the kids gave the teacher a gift and much thanks. There was a potluck of food and refreshments. It also gave the families and students a chance to socialize.

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