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Telecommuting Idea - Bookkeeping by Nell Taliercio

Telecommuting Idea – Bookkeeping
By: Nell Taliercio

If you have experience in accounting or have worked as a bookkeeper before, bookkeeping can be a great way to work from home. Small businesses are continuously looking for ways to outsource some of their workload and most of them do not need a full-time in-house bookkeeper. You can approach several businesses in your area and offer to keep their books.

Of course there are some tools you need. You should have some of the basic accounting software like quicken and quick books. If the company you work for uses a different piece of software, they may purchase a copy for you to use at home, or make one of their current licenses available to you. In the beginning I suggest you focus on companies that use software you are already familiar with since you will be working from home and don’t have the opportunity to ask a colleague across your desk for help.

You will also need basic tools such as a 10 key calculator and some sort of spreadsheet s…

Looking for WAH Opportunities - Join WAHM.Com

If you're looking for work at home opportunities I highly recommend Cheryl Demas' message board. This is the board that got me started in my telecommuting path, almost 2 years ago. You'll find many company folders, that provide links to their sites and tons of support from fellow members. It's also very helpful after you've started working for a company. You can get answers to your questions regarding schedule postings, navigating software programs, and much more.

She also offers a 'Telecommuting Mom' folder. You'll find a subfolder for Newbies that provides tips on searching for a WAH job, staying clear of scams, resume and cover letter templates and lots more.

With the increase of gas prices and expenses of working outside the home this is a terrific time to be considering a WAH position. Good luck and happy hunting.