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Rona's DVD Recommendation: Alf Season One

I still remember enjoying Alf's adventures with the Tanner family when the show originally aired on NBC, over 20 years ago. Now our teenage son has discovered Alf from TVLand. I actually get more enjoyment watching laugh over Alf's one liners and mis-adventures while watching season one on DVD.

Visit Blockbuster Online to buy or sign up on a membership. One of the benefits is being able to watch a series in order. See the website for more information.

'You Got Mail' is on TNT !

This movie is on my most favorite movie list. I've run out of fingers counting the times I've seen it! Catch it tonight on your TNT channel.

In case you don't know what this movie is about please read the following, courtesy of TNT website.

Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan), owner of a little but famous bookstore for children's books, has an on-line affair. She lives with Frank Navasky (Greg Kinnear), a well-known journalist, she betrays him by e-mailing secretly and anonymously with a (also betraying) man whom she met in a chat room. Her business gets endangered by the opening of Fox Books discount store just "around the corner". She meets Joe Fox (Tom Hanks), son of the owner, and soon gets annoyed by his arrogant way of managing business matters. Although getting advice by her anonymous mail-pal, she has to close down her store. But Joe Fox's life suddenly gets out of control when he learns that his anonymous mail-pal is none other than Kathleen Kelly.

A Keepsake Jar of Summer by Rondi Hillstrom Davis

Now that summer is almost over, the kids are returning to school what are you going to do with all memories? Please read Rondi Hillstrom Davis' article. You and your kids will have tons of fun putting together these keepstakes together.

The Benefits of Family Meal Planning

The Benefits Of Family Meal Planning
Are you ready to save some time, feed your family healthier meals and save some money along the way? These are just some of the benefits of family meal planning. Let’s look at all of them in a little more detail.

Eat Healthier

Planning your family meals will cut down on your trips to your favorite fast food restaurant and the amount of pizza you have delivered to your door. Food you prepare at home tends to be much healthier than hamburgers with fries, fried chicken or pizza. When you plan your meals include some lean protein like chicken breast, as well as some salads and vegetables. Your entire family will benefit from the healthier meals.

Save Time

How much time are you spending now running to the grocery store a few times a week. I used to run to the store at least 3 times a week to buy something to fix for dinner. Planning your meals out for a week at a time and then putting together a grocery list with everything you need to cook those meals wil…

Building Rapport with Phone Customer

Visit Myra Golden's Seminar site for her Top 7 Tips for Building Rapport with Phone Customers. I recommend her site for veterans and newbies of customer service.

One of my favorite tips is asking to place a customer on hold. How many times have you called a company and been placed on hold without being asked? You may not have time to hold and may need the direct phone number.

Consider printing out the list for future reference.

Straighten Up! by Erikca of Country

Straighten Up! By: Erika of Country

Do your back and neck hurt after a long day at the computer?
Take into consideration the way you sit while typing and what type of chair you use; try to find a chair that has good support for your back and bottom.

When I was spending hours at a time at my computer building my website, I started to get neck and back pain--and even started to feel tingling in one of my legs!
I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me--until I observed the way I plopped myself at the computer desk...

I tend to sit with my legs crossed and turn the chair to the side. My body was all twisted like a pretzel and I was slumping my shoulders and back too. It's not a wonder I was feeling like I was falling apart!

Once I turned my self around, straight in front of the computer and used good posture, I no longer have those aches and pains.

Here's a few tips to make sure you're sitting up correctly in front of your computer:

One, two, three, four…