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Homesourcing Opportunities are Opening Up - NPR Radio Segment

Listen to the NPR radio segment on homesourcing opportunities. It's about companies like Willow, that contract people, who work from home, providing customer service, information request, order taking, ect over the phone, using Broadband and their computer. Just click here, listen and enjoy.

Also visit the following vitual water cooler sites for more information on Willow and other virtual call centers.

Workplace Like Home


'Madea's Family Reunion' - A Movie Recommendation

'Madea's Family Reunion' gave my family an opportunity to see some great African American actors and actresses on one screen. My favorite scene was with Maya Angelou and Cicely Tyson explaining the love and respect in a marriage. Cicely Tyson has another memoriable moment while standing in front of a slave cabin explaining the 'family tree'. I've really missed seeing someone of her acting ability on the screen.

There are some scenes that a bit rough like when Vanessa's explaination of why she was included in the weekend museum trips. My husband was shocked and that's definitely hard to do. There's also the domestic violence between Lisa and the Blair Underwood character. I must say that Mr. Underwood does a fantastic job at playing the heavy in this movie.

Overall, my family and I definitely enjoyed this movie. There are screens that provide laughs. Our teenage son has asked that he never be threaten with a 'Madea' babysitter and neve…

Because Chasing The Paper is Way Better Than Typing It Up! By Jessica Flynn

I ocassionally have moments of guilt because I do not bring in a full time income. Who doesn't? It comes with the territory. Please read Jessica Flynn's article and see if you too can relate.

Because Chasing The Paper Is Way Better Than Typing It Up!
By: Jessica Flynn

I took my daughters to the park. One is 6 and the other is 2. I had brought along my notebook, as I usually do to make notes for my business. While playing on the play structure my 6 year old kept asking me for a piece of paper to draw on , and I told her to wait until we got home so she would have her own pen. Well while we were leaving walking down the grass hill she asked me again but just to hold it until we got home. So I ripped out a piece and handed it to her, while handing it to her it flew away ,and we chased it and I grabbed it. I realized how fun it was so we started letting it go on purpose and we did it again and again, all three of us loved it. After wards we sat to rest and …

'The Closer' Labor Day Marathon - 9am to Midnite

September 4, Labor Day, has been known as TV Marathon Day. This year TNT is showing an huge dose of 'The Closer'. Kyra Sedwick stars as Deputy Chief Brenda Johnson of the LAPD Homicide Squad. She has an amazing knack of looking past the obvious and getting confessions out of suspects. You'll love watching her put the puzzles together, along with her huge black tote bag and need for chocolate. And you can't forget about that Southern accent and charm.

'The Closer' site has lots of goodies, Brenda's Corner, The Precinct, Photo Gallery, Video Clips, Message Boards and Blogs and much more.

If you're not a fan yet, this is the day to watch, be entertained and get hooked like me. She's surrounded by a talented squad too. Visit the TNT Closer site and get acquainted with Brenda and the squad.

Sit back and enjoy 'The Closer' Marathon on Labor Day.

Telecommuting Job Idea - Transcription by Nell Taliercio

Telecommuting Job Idea – Transcription
By: Nell Taliercio

Working as a transcriptionist is a great way to telecommute or work from home. Transcription simply means that you take spoken word and transcribe it into a written document. The person you are doing the transcription for usually speaks on a tape or records his voice as a digital file and then sends it to you. You simply type what you hear.

Of course there is software and hardware out there that will make the job easier by allowing you to slow down the recording you are transcribing.
Different Types of Transcription Positions

Medical Transcription

Medical transcription is probably the most common and best know type of transcription. Doctors and other medical staff record their comments and notes about a patient. The transcriptionist then transcribes the recording and the written document is added to the patients file.

As a medical transcriptionist you should have a good understanding of medical terminology and their spelling. Wh…

The Telecommuting Blog - Recommended Blog for August

Here's a blog for those of us that are just starting our telecommuting careers, as well as people who are veterans. Nell Taliercio, Telecommuting, has been providing helpful advice since 2003. You'll read about a variety of telecommuting career choices, balancing work at home and your life, taxes and much more.

Stop by today and don't forget to listen to Nell's segment on WAHM Talk Radio Show.

Watching Vintage TV on - IN2TV

Lately I haven't been watching TV on our TV sets but on my computer through's IN2TV. They have a variety of comedies, animated series and dramas to view. I've been catching up on all those 'Alice' episodes that I missed. This comedy starred Linda Lavin, as Alice. She was a widower with a son named Tommy. Most of fun happens in Mel's Diner with Vera messing up the orders, Mel shouting at her and Flo yelling "Kiss my grits."

Other series I've been enjoying are 'Spencer for Hire', 'Sisters' and 'The FBI'. Our son has been enjoying 'Pinky and the Brain' and 'Freakazoid'.

The best part is this service is FREE. You can even sign up for IN2TV episode alerts, of your favorite programs.

What are some of your favorite old TV programs that you would like to watch again?