Saturday, September 23, 2006

'Happy Housewives' Available on Paperback !

'Happy Housewives' by Darla Shine is now available in paperback. Her book provides 10 easy to follow steps to becoming and maintaining being a happy housewive. Mrs. Shine does it with a lot of humor. I found that her points echo many of Dr. Laura's comments. (ex: treating your spouse with attention and compliments, not letting yourself go, etc)

My husband saw the bookcover and asked me, "Aren't you already a happy housewife?" I quickly responded, "Yes, but theres always room for improvement." Cute ah? Our teenage son looked at the cover and said "Wow, only 10 steps, okay."

For this thrifty housewife I'll stick to reading my library copy of 'Happy Housewives'. I don't purchase books unless I'm using them as a reference. After I'm finished reading this book I'll happily return it for the next 'happy housewife' to read.

Oh before I forget, Darla Shine now has a Happy Housewife Club. It's a jammed pack site with weekly podcasts, forums, a newsletter you can sign up for, online store, and other goodies. It's basically an extension of her book online. I would like to warn you beforehand that she does get a bit crazy on her podcast. Now, consider yourself warned and take a visit.

Teachers Vision Website: Free Lesson Plans and More

I'm always on the lookout for lesson plans that are fun, exciting and easy to follow. I came across theTeachers Vision website last year when our son and I were studying the Civil War. We learned about slang words that the soliders used, common recipes made on the field, and much more. I also like th monthly theme writing prompts.

The site offers K - 12 grades a variety of lesson plans on the core subjects, as well as music, health, and art. There are also newsletters, recommended book suggestions, contests, teacher tools and lots more at this site.

For a fee of $29.95 a year you can also have access to their large database of printable worksheets and member only benefits. Right now, they have a free 7 day trial going on and a free printable book, 'Teachers Timesavers' when you join. Check it out today!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Berry-Morin DVD Recommendation: 'Batman Beyond - Season 1'

We originally saw this series, 'Batman Beyond' on the WB channel in 1999. It picks up after Bruce Wayne is much older and has 'retired' as Batman. Terry McGinnis, a teenage boy, mets Bruce Wayne while looking into his father's murder. Along the way Bruce sees some familiar traits in Terry and hires him as his assistant. Terry takes over the Batman role with Bruce mentoring him along the way.

Our family enjoyed the stories with future special effects, cool music, Terry's sense of humor and Bruce Wayne's years of experience fighting crime in Gotham City. We recommend this DVD 2 disc pack for the whole family.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Interviewing Your Child for a Scrapbook by Audrey Okaneko

What a fun idea interviewing your child for a scrapbook. I like it so much that I plan on doing that this year with my teen. Read the following article for more details.

Interviewing Your Child For a Scrapbook By: Audrey Okaneko

Have you ever considered interviewing your child and journaling from your child’s perspective instead of your perspective?

When we create scrapbooks we tend to see the photos through our adult eyes and write the words though our adult perspectives. However if you ask a child questions, you’ll get a whole new perspective.

Many times while putting photos in scrapbooks, one of my kids will share her memories of how that photo came to be. How wonderful to capture those words and add them to the scrapbook.

Children of all ages can be interviewed. Depending on the age of the child, different questions can be asked. For example, a young child might be asked “do you remember going to Disneyland?” and then listening for the child’s view on the trip. A child who is a bit older can be asked “what was your favorite ride?”

The interview process can be about a trip, a favorite recipe, school etc. We have created school days scrapbooks. Ask your child about their favorite teacher, their favorite topic, where they sat in the classroom and who they ate lunch with. As kids get older you can ask question such as “what did you admire about that teacher?”

Right now my daughter is in high school. She has tons of stories to share about each teacher, all of whom have very different personalities and bring something different to each of her classes. It’s fun to let her talk about class and jot down what she is telling me to add to her scrapbook. Even in high school, teachers are so flattered if the student says “can I get a photo standing next to you?”

Does your child have a favorite dinner? Take a few photos of them helping to prepare the meal. Copy recipes onto acid free paper and then let the child tell you why they like this certain food.

We have always had photos of friends. Ask questions. “What do you like about this person”? “How did you and this person meet?” “What are some of the things you and this person have in common?

My daughter has a friend who she has known since kindergarten. If you asked me how the girls know each other, I would tell you that they met in school. However if you ask my daughter how they met, she remember they were on the playground and it was the first day of school. She actually remembers the conversation they had that eventually led to them playing together and becoming friends. Her story of how they met is very different than mine.

Try a few pages or even an entire scrapbook of seeing things through your children’s eyes instead of yours.

Article by:
Audrey Okaneko has been scrapbooking for several years. She can be reached at or visited at

This Week on 'Parenting My Teen' Internet Talk Radio Show

On this week's show Aurelia Williams speaks to Gary Direnfeld, and Mr. Direnfeld is a social worker with more then 25 years of experience.

They discuss teen depression, recognizing the specific signs in your teen, looking for a qualified counselor and much more. This is a 'must listen to' program for all teen parents. I really enjoyed it and feel so much more educated on the topic.

You can pick up a button or banner at the site. Spread the word about 'Parenting My Teen' Internet Talk Radio Show today.

Nutrition for Teens: Healthy Choices by Jodie Lynn

Introducing a more healthy lifestyle to your teens can be a challenge but it's definitely rewarding. As a parent you want them to develop and maintain good nutrition that they will carry into adulthood.

For example, I find that by having a variety of fruits our teen is more apt to grab those instead of potato chips. He also likes to visit our local fruit stand and make his own selections.

Read Jodie Lynn, Parent to, article, 'Nutrition For Teens: Healthy Choices' for some great tips.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Rona's Weekly Recommended Blog - 'CustomersAreAlways'

I have to recommend Maria Palma's Blog, 'CustomersAreAlways'. First of all you don't have to be in the customer service field to find her posts helpful. This is for the customer, as well as the customer service provider. She comments on many areas of the customer service industry including face to face, over the phone, virtual, and more. Maria adds humor and her personality to her post. I really love that in a blog.

This is probably the only time I'll be saying this but I also want to add that I actually know Maria. We met a year ago, in a local home business support group. She's a funny and talented person.

Please stop by today!

Visit 'Marcus and Me' Blog - CWAHM Talk Radio Show, College and Career Planning and More

Stop by my other blog, 'Marcus and Me' at the At this blog I focus on news, contests and events that pertain to families, kids and teens. You'll also read about 'Today Is' features.

Read about this week's CWAHM Talk Radio Show topics. Hint, you'll want to listen to this week's well known guest.

College and career planning are something we started looking into in the 8th grade. There's many free and informative websites. Stop by 'Marcus and Me' for more details.

I do post often so feel free to visit.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Mineral Makeup - The Latest Trend in Cosmetics by Kat White

I wanted you to know that I've been a Sheer Cover Minerals Makeup Fan for almost a year. It's light, natural and cost effective in comparision to liquid makeups. If you're still sitting on the fence about mineral makeups please read the following article.

Mineral Makeup – The latest trend in cosmetics
By: Kat White

You may or may not have heard of mineral makeup before, but if you’re a woman who loves cosmetics; it’s definitely something to look into.

Mineral Makeup is made from pure minerals from the earth. Unlike regular liquid foundations, mineral foundations have a powder consistency but are much different than your usual pressed powder. Mineral makeup foundations have the same coverage as liquid, without the oily mess you may be used to. Mineral makeup is all natural and is made up of crushed minerals and inorganic pigments found in nature. They contain no oils, and are light on your skin. This is perfect if you have sensitive skin.

Not only does mineral makeup give great coverage, but it has also been found to be good for your skin. Since Mineral makeup contains no oils it is less likely to clog your pores and cause breakouts. There is also a natural SPF found in most mineral makeup that will help prevent sun damage on your skin.

Another one of the great benefits of mineral makeup is that it won’t run off your face in the heat like most liquid foundations. Mineral makeup is great in humid weather, so even if you sweat, your makeup will stay in place.

Most major cosmetic companies are starting their own lines of mineral makeup. Most lines include foundations, concealers, blush, eye shadows, and even eyeliners in the most popular shades for the season.

Once you try mineral makeup you will not want to go back to regular foundations and concealers. The benefits of mineral makeup far outweigh what traditional makeup has to offer.

Article by:

For more great reviews on your favorite mineral makeup visit

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