Saturday, September 30, 2006

Handy Household Ingredient: Borax

I actually discovered the miracles of Borax while working on a science project last year. Marcus and I were going to make homemade laundry detergent, wash one in the homemade and another in store bought and compare cleaniness. (results will follow at the end of the post) After purchasing the Borax I noticed, on the package, there were other household uses.

We don't make our own laundry detergent but I do use in every wash. With a very active teenage son I was finding that his clothes would still have a scent of prespiration after being washed. The Borax eliminates the smell. Matter of fact, I no longer use fabric softner because the clothes smell so clean. (by the way, fabric softner is not good for your clothes)

You'll find Borax in your laundry section, next to the powder laundry detergent,at the store. 20 Mule Borax is the most common brand. It's very affordable and with the multiple uses you'll save even more money. I recommend purchasing the larger box, it's a great value.

Please read the article 'The Many Household Uses of Borax' by Barbara Whiting, Stay at Home Parents Guide. She also includes the top 10 ways to use Borax around your home.

The science project results are as follows: No difference in cleaniness. The handmade laundry soap load did smell better.

Marcus' Favorite Resource: Fact Monster

Our teenager turned me onto 'Fact Monster' about two years ago while we were covering a World History lesson. You know you've got a winner when your child is recommending an resource. This fun, informative site is a homework helper, reference and information site. It's jammed packed with more stuff like Today is.,polls and games.

Marcus still uses it now that he's in the ninth grade. There's an Interactive Periodic Table, Conversion Chart and Sports section. Kids and parents will find helpful information on writing skills, how to write a book report and how to avoid plagiarism.

Please click on the bright colorful icon, on the right margin, or here.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Make Your Own Disinfecting Wipes by Katie Kolodzy

I also love using disposable disinfecting wipes but hate the price. Read Katie's article how how you can make your own while saving money.
Make Your Own Disinfecting Wipes By: Katie Kolodzy

Do you love those disposable disinfecting wipes as much as I do? I use them on my kitchen counters, everywhere in the bathrooms and they're great in the garage or basement when you need to get a dusty item out of storage.

But as much as I love these products, I do not love the price! The cheapest wipes I've found in my area are a store-brand and cost about $2 for 75 wipes. Not bad, compared to the name-brand versions, but still I to buy "disposable" things that I use so often and use so many of each time.

Here's my solution for this convenience vs. cost dilemma: I've made my own disinfecting wipes! It was so easy & took less than 5 minutes to do.

Supplies & Directions:
• Plastic storage container, water-tight and air-tight preferably
• 5-10 Cotton cloths, sized to fit your container (cheap washcloths bought in bulk work great)
• Bottle of your favorite Full-strength Cleaner (i.e. Lysol or a natural version thereof)
• Liquid measuring cup

1. Fold your cloths into a stack that will fit on your storage container & place them inside.
2. Read the package on your cleaner & determine a proper strength for diluting your cleaner into a solution, estimating the amount of liquid needed to soak the cloths (I used 2c. water + 1oz Lysol for six large cloths)
3. Pour the cleaning solution over your cloths. Add only enough to make the cloths wet; there should be no liquid in the bottom of the container, but you should be able to press down on them & create a small puddle in your container, which is then reabsorbed immediately.
4. Seal your container until it’s time to clean
5. After you’ve used a cloth, simply give it a rinse to release some of the cleaner’s scent & let it air-dry on your sink or in your laundry room. Wash with your towels and return it to the container, adding more solution as needed.

Article by:

Katie Kolodzy is a wife & mother of a growing family and co-owner of - Traditional Homes with Traditional Values. Nurtured Home features homemaking and gentle mothering articles and tips - check us out! For our latest information on creating a nurtured home for your entire family, sign up for our newsletter, "Nurtured News" at

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

One Month FREE Online Rentals - Blockbuster Online

Do you love movies but like me hate driving to the rental store? Free shipping both ways, no late fees, no return dates, and online rentals up to three at a time! And you do get one free in-store movie rental a week. Now that's a deal. Hurry because the promotion ends on October 5, 2006

Now you and your friends and family can enjoy one month FREE of online rentals at Blockbuster Online. Just click here, register and enter the code: friend1.

Our family loves receiving our rentals through the mail. We've been watching old TV series and movies more with this service. Our teenage son has discovered 'Alf' and my husband and I have enjoyed watching 'Dragnet' and the original 'Law and Order: First Season'.

Poll Question: Would You Marry Your Spouse Again? - Marriage

I thought I would share this poll question here. Knowing what you know now, would you marry your spouse again? My response was a quick yes.

Visit Marriage to participate in the poll and see the results.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Wordless Wednesday

Home Comfort Meatloaf for Dinner

The Spunky Chicks Book Club Book Contest - Ends Sept. 31st

Five lucky people will win a free copy of 'For Men Only' by Shauni Feldhahn. Visit Spunky Chicks Book Club blog for details.

Last Chance to Enter Ultimate Job Seekers Contest !

The free Telecommuting Moms Month is almost over and we'll be picking a winner for the Ultimate Job Seekers contest very soon!

Make sure you join the contest if you'd like a shot at winning this
fabulous package worth over $500.00!

Email at: to enter the contest. The contest rules are important and if you do not follow the rules your entry will not be considered valid so please pay attention to the rules.

The rules are as follows:

-When you enter you must use the email at
-You must put "Ultimate Job Seekers Contest Entry" in the subject line.
-You must include your name and email address in the body of the email.
-You may include why you wish to work at home, but this will not influence the outcome of the contest since it will be a random draw.

Then at the end of the month when the Telecommuting Moms Month is over all the entries will be gathered and randomly choose a winner and then contact them using the email information they provided in their entry.

If you've enjoyed the free event Nell would love to hear from you - or even if you'd like to suggest some changes for the next telecommuting mom's month - please send her your feedback.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Rona's Recommended Blog - Healthy Family Talk Radio Blog

Healthy Family Talk Radio Blog provides information bites about Kari St. Louis's monthly talk radio show along with health news pertaining to your family. Kari is a Traditional Naturopath/Natural Health Consultant specializing in Women and Children.
She's also a Certified Massage Therapist and is trained in Pilates Mat.

I'm concerned about alternative medicine, vitamins and minerals, PMS and perimenopause and diabetes. I find the posts informative and insightful. There are also links to other helpful resources.

Stop by today.

Free Ice Cream at Cold Stone Creamery - Sept 28

On Thursday, September 28, 2006, Cold Stone Creamery is offering free servings of Cole Creation. In exchange for the free servings, customers are encourage to make donations to Make-a-Wish Foundation. This event is being held between 5pm to 8pm.

Visit Cold Stone Creamery website for more details. Oh, don't forget to sign up for the Birthday Club!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Free Book Club -

Do you have a pile of read books through out your home? Do you enjoy reading but your budget doesn't allow for new books? Those overdue fees at the library are adding up because you just haven't finished reading that book?

Well, how about joining me at It's a free book club site. After you register, you can list as many books as you like to swap. You can browse the list of books, submit your request and the member will mail you the book. If your book is chosen you just print out the label, add the postage, usually $1.59 for paperbacks, and drop it off at the post office. It's that easy!

Hardbound books and audiobooks are accepted. Want to know more or to sign up, visit the website.

A big thank you to Jessica,, for recommending this site.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

September 24 is Good Neighbor Day! Hello There Neighbor!

Good Neighbor Day always falls on the fourth Sunday in September. This is the day to do a good deed for your community. In church we start services, every Sunday by saying hello to someone next to us. Consider saying hello as you walk pass someone today.

I also like to make a batch of cookies and have our son dropped them off to our neighbors. I include a note thanking them for being our neighbors.

Visit National Good Neighbor Day website for more neighborly ideas to do with your family. Teacher Planet website has some citzenship theme lesson plans that your kids can do too.

Here's wishing you a Good Neighbor Day!

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