Saturday, October 21, 2006

Rona's Weekly Recommended Blog - 'Witherspoon Cabin'

When you visit Jenean's blog, 'Witherspoon Cabin' you'll see that she's a lover of crafts, including knitting and enjoys keeping busy. She's a married lady, mom of 4, and strives to put God first.

I enjoy every visit. Stop by her blog today and say Hello.

Friday, October 20, 2006

It's Time to Take An Ergonomic Break

Did you know that you should be taking a break about every 10 minutes? When you're working at home this is actually doable. I do ergonomic stretches and exercises right at my desk. And being at home I don't have to worry about being embarrassed.

Visit Ergonomic site for The Essential 2 Minute Stretch. Believe me these stretches can help you avoid work related injuries and give you a boast doing the day.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

October is National Seafood Month

Our dietician has recommended that we eat fish at least 2-3 times a week. Now, as a gal from Maine thats not a challenge for me but my husband and son aren't seafood lovers. My solution was to find quick, flavorful meals that they would enjoy.

Here's a couple of our favorites:

Shrimp with Arugula Couscous

Fish Tacos

This Week's Topic on Mom Soap Box Talk Radio: Healthy Halloween Treats

As you may know I'm on a mission to feeding my family low fat, delicious meals and snacks. Halloween can still be fun with healthy choices. Take a listen to Marie's show today, as she speaks with Suzanne Myers, Healthy Meal Mailer.

You can find Suzanne's website by clicking on the Healthy Meal Mailer icon, on the rightside of my blog. Also read Suzanne's article, Healthy Halloween Treats.

Enjoy the show.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Healthy Treats for Little Trick-Or-Treaters This Halloween - Susanne Myers

Don't forget that there are many people who have diet restrictions that need to be followed even during the holidays. Susanne Myers' article offers some alternate Halloween treats. This year, I'll be giving small craft projects along with inexpensive toys. (no candy)

Healthy Treats For Little Trick-Or-Treaters This Halloween By: Susanne Myers

Candy and other sweets don’t have to be the only treats you hand out to little trick-or-treaters this Halloween. There are also plenty of healthy options available that will be just as fun without causing a sugar rush and cavities. Here are some ideas for healthy treats you can use this year.

Dried Fruit

Dried fruit makes a great portable snack as well as a good Halloween treat. Grab a few bags of dried fruit, like apples, raisins, cherries, cranberries, dates, apricots and banana chips. Repack them in little bags. You can also get raisins and other dried fruit in small individual boxes that are ready to go.

Roasted Nuts & Seeds

Fall is nut season, so why not grab a variety of roasted nuts and seeds (including pumpkin seeds of course) and hand them out for Halloween. Just make sure the parents are aware of what you are handing out in case one of the kids is allergic to nuts.

Trail Mix

Combine the dried fruit and nuts. Add some dry cereal and a few M&Ms and you have trail mix. Use orange and brown M&Ms to give your trail mix that “Halloween Look”.

Juice Boxes

Juice boxes make another great Halloween treat. They are already individually packed and ready to go into pumpkin pails or goody bags. Look for all natural juices without additional sugar.


What child doesn’t love stickers? Go to your local craft store, department store, or even the dollar store and pick up some little packs of Halloween stickers. The kids will enjoy playing with these stickers.

Dollar Store Toys

Since we were already talking about the dollar store, why not pick up some small toys there as well. Pick a few for boys and a few for girls and let the kids pick one when they come to your door. If you get a pack with a few little toy cars in them, it isn’t any more expensive than a candy bar, but they will enjoy playing with it for weeks and months to come.

Grab a few of these healthy alternatives for Halloween this year. Just wrap it all up nicely in some little goody bags, or some of the specialty zippered bags you can get with cute Halloween prints on them and they will be ready to hand out. Parents will appreciate these healthier alternatives as much as the kids will enjoy the treats.

Article by:

Enjoy healthy meals any night of the week. We make it easy with the Healthy Menu Mailer at - Try It FREE Find out how you can make your child’s Halloween costume – fast, easy and no sewing involved.

Monday, October 16, 2006

My Work At Home Tip for Customer Service Reps

Recently I found an United States Time Zone Map amongst my son's Geography lesson plans. Since I process calls throughout the U.S. I found it very helpful to know the varies time zones.

A good call example for having my handy map is when providing a customer a customer service phone number and the time zone and then hearing them response with "What time is that for where I live?"

Consider doing a search for a free download of an U.S. Time Zone map and post it in your workspace, for a quick reference. You'll also be able to provide above and beyond service to the customer.

This Week on Women Power Talk Radio - Heshie Segal

Raven speaks with Heshie Segal, National Speaker and Trainer, about this week's message, 'How to Keep Going When the Chips are Done.' She bravely shares her abuse as a child, how it's effecting her now and how she has learned from her past. Also you'll hear her and Raven talk about pursuing your dreams and making them come true.

This is a strong, powerful message for all of us, regardless of what you're dealing with today. Remember that despite having a bad childhood but you can have a fantastic adult life!

Click here to listen to the show. You can also find a link to the show and website under my Favorite Internet Talk Radio Shows.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Marriage ABCs at Marriage

Here's a fun list for you and spouse to share at Marriage Some of my hubby and I's favorite things to do is hold hands and watch funny movies together.

Do you know your spouse's favorite movie? My husband just loves 'Blazin Saddles' and mine is 'It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World'. When I was recovering from my back injury he got me that movie. I laughed so hard that sometimes my spasms would start up. But I also appreciated my husband's loving gesture.

Do something nice for your spouse today.

ABCs for the Work At Home Mom: Part 1 by Jill Hart

As my son has so eloquently put it all moms are working moms. But with so many moms and dads deciding to work from home they come across many benefits and challenges.

My benefit is being able to work while being in my own home. One of my challenges is to motivate myself. In brick and mortar call centers there ongoing contests and incentives to keep customer service reps on track with their stats. I must create my own.

Please read Jill Hart, CWAHM Host, article, 'ABCs for the Work At Home Mom: Part 1'. I enjoyed it so much that I printed a copy to put on my wall, above my workspace.

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