Saturday, October 28, 2006

Rona's Weekly Recommended Blog - Homeschool CPA

What sets 'Homeschool CPA' blog apart from many homeschooler blogs is the focus of the posts. You read about running the 'business end' of a homeschool organization, personal tax and finance information, and the bloggers' home business experience.

I learned something helpful and pertinent to me, on every visit. For example, are you aware that the IRS will be requiring a paper trail of your cash church donations?

Also, many homeschool groups are misclassifying the teachers that they hire as Independent Contractors. This could result in penalties, interests along with back pay to the I.R.S.

Feel free to recommend 'Homeschool CPA' to your homeschoolers/home business/telecommuters friends and family.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Take a Listen to 'Moms on the Go' Radio !

Taiha Wagner and Maura Steblay, Meditating Moms, host this monthly Internet podcast show. One of the unique things about their show is that theres two hosts. The ladies also jam a lot of entertainment, education and their personal experience into each show. And they keep the show short and sweet. (this one is only 24 minutes) There's even a cute catchy tone at the end that will leave you singing it all day. (so consider yourself being warned)

In the October show they discuss children and finance along with their pick of Celebrity Mom and other bits. This is a fun chatty show. It's like sitting with a couple of girlfriends over coffee and some laughs.

So please take a listen to Moms on the Go Radio today. And don't forget to send them an email about what your suggestions and feedback.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Catch 'The D.A.' on Video

The D.A. was a limited run series on Warner Brothers in 2004, starring Stephen Webber as David Franks, as an ambitious D.A. of Los Angeles County and Bruno Campo as Mark Camacho, as a Special Investigator. The supporting cast is strong with J.K. Simmons (Law and Order) and Sarah Paulson. Storylines and film direction are excellent.

What my husband and I love best about the show is you don't know the who, what and why of the crime. You must pay attention. There's also a backdrop story with David Franks running for office and dealing with a staff that doesn't like him.

Too bad it wasn't turned into a series. I know I would have watched it. You can find it on Vintage TV through.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

'24' Official Trailer on Time Square

My husband and I's favorite TV show won't be starting their new season till January 2007 but the official trailer is debutting on Time Square, New York City. Now, I don't have the private jet available get there and see it but I won't miss out. I'll be watching it on the 24 Official Trailer website. So, set you're timers for 3pm EST and get ready for a cool rollercoaster ride!

Hang in there Jack! We're coming to save you!

Are You Homeschooling and Working Full Time?

Stop by HomeschoolCPA blog and read an news article about a homeschoolers who also works from home full time.

As you many of you know I work from home as a Virtual Customer Service Rep and have a teenage son who is homebased taught. Our son sometimes hangs out with me while I'm processing calls. He loves to give his feedback after each call. This mom appreciates his comments and yeck, I like the company. And after 2.5 years he's picked up a thing or two about customer service.

Free Breast Self-Exam Card - Susan Komen Foundation

Don't forget to pick up your free Breast Self-Exam Shower Card this month, at Susan Komen Foundation.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Take a Listen to Radio Disney

Join Radio Disney DJ Ernie D every Sunday from 4pm to 8pm EST, as he hosts 'Family Fun Day'. You and your kids can get some great ideas from listening to the
'Boredom-busters' and 'Car Games' segments.

You can get station location and more information by going to Radio Disney.

The Homeschoolers Walk Club is Back - Let's Get Walking

Originally posted at Marcus and Me blog, in October 2005. Homeschooler Walking Club is back.

Many states have P.E. requirements for their homeschoolers. In my opinion, P.E. should also be part of every homeschool curriculum. This is the time for your children to develop good physical fitness habits. With the amount of children who are overweight or obese these days, it's even more important.

Visit's Homeschooler site. Beverly Hernandez has started a walking club, for Homeschoolers. Let's Get Walking Club requires that all your student need a pedometer, a daily goal and to register. There are different division based on age. Download the walking log or make your own. I like the idea that they keep track of their "steps" by using an USA map. (what a great Geography lesson) They also can see how their group's progress.

Sounds like fun. Looking for more ways to include physical fitness into your kids' day? Check out our post regarding VERB.

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