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Telecommuting Reviews at Telecommuting

Where can you turn to when you need honest, helpful advice on work products and services for telecommuters? Head to Telecommuting Reviews at Telecommuting Nell Tailercio, Telecommuting Answer Lady, has reviews on resume services, job lead sites, books and more. And while you're there don't forget to sign up for her free weekly e-newsletter. You'll read about career advice, telecommuting updates and job leads.

My Contributed Reviews at Telecommuting Reviews:

Customer Service for Dummies 3rd Edition by Karen Leland and Keith Bailey

Telework Recruiting - A Telecommuting Job Lead

November 3 is National Housewife's Day

As the Home CEO I do use many online resources to get the job done. Microsoft Excel helps me balance the family budget. I use our online banking to pay bills. The Internet allows me to do comparision shopping. And I do order our groceries and have them delivery from

My Home Management Binder helps me keep many records, paperwork, cleaning tips and schedules organized. I can refer to my personal library for help on sewing a button, cleaning the windows and the proper temperature for baking a ham.

So, today be proud to be a housewife. Scrub the toilet with pride and a smile on your face. Your job is extremely important to the family. And as our teenage son so elegantly put it, "All moms are working moms".

Today is National Men Make Dinner Day !

My adorable husband and son love to cook. On many nights you'll find them watching cooking shows like "Emeril Live" and "Iron Chef America" on Food Network. Our teenage son has been taking cooking classes for the last 2.5 years with his homeschool group. Most of the attendees are male.

So today is National Men Make Dinner Day. It's the first Thursday of every November. My guys don't need a reason to be in the kitchen. So buy your guy(s) an apron, grab them a pot and let them get cooking!

Food Network

Real Simple

Wordless Wednesday - My Husband and Teen at Sea World on Homeschoolers Day

November 1 is Family Literacy Day

Originally posted November 1, 2005, this is still a great concern in the USA.

One of the customer service position I had was working for a pay-per-view satellite company. We dealt with the entire United States. Most of our customer base was located in rural areas. One of the issues they wanted me to know about before accepting the position was that we had customers that could not read well. I thought to myself okay, I can deal with it. Well, how could I know what I was really in store for. I had never been knowingly been exposed to someone who didn't have the ability to read.

It was difficult to assist these customers. Some were very embarrassed by it. Others informed me that they would call back when their child got home. Most of our customers were not immigrants but American born. They dropped out of school early, never finishing their education.

November 1 is National Family Literacy Day. It's a day to focus on the most at-risk kids and parents. That can be families who En…

Enter Prim Crafters Talk Radio Xmas Shopping Contest

Just visit the website to enter the Primitive Crafters Talk Radio Xmas Shopping Contest. There are weekly prizes announced every Friday. This week's prize is a vintage basket filled with soap products from Colonial Primitive

This Internet talk radio show is dedicated to those who make and purchase primitive crafts. Niki Jackson, Prim Crafters Talk Radio host, interviews other prim crafters and other experts about running a home business, techniques, and much more. Stop by Niki's website for more contest details, enter the contest and of course, listen to the show.

Blockbuster Online - We Love It!

We just finished watching 'Nero Wolfe TV Series: First Season' starring Timothy Hutton and Maury Chaykin. The episodes are based on the 'Nero Wolfe' books by Rex Stout. If you're looking for an old fashion who dunn it this DVD series is for you. The writing, acting and direction remind me of a well done performance. Our teenage son boasted, after watching one DVD of the series, that he was hooked.

We also enjoyed watching 'Adam 12: Season One', 'Batman Beyond: Season One' and 'Johnny Quest: The Complete First Season'.

Enjoying The Teenage Years by Audrey Okaneko

I remember someone telling us 'Enjoy them now, soon they will be teenagers'. My husband and I responded 'Bring it on.' Our son is now 14 years old and we've been having a ball. We love this time because soon he's be graduating high school and off on his path.

Enjoying The Teenage Years By: Audrey Okaneko
I can not count the number of times I’ve heard well meaning parents say “enjoy them now, soon they will be teenagers”

I see so many reasons why this sentence is harmful and misleading. First of all, each time you personally say this phrase in front of your own children, it affects their feelings of self worth. If you have a teenager who hears you constantly warn others about teens, you are basically saying your own child is troublesome to you.

If this sentence is being said in front of preteens, those preteens are listening and hearing and watching for reaction. They want to know how mom and/or dad react to being told that in a year or two, their own child wil…

Geometry Homework Help: Some Ways to Help Overcome Your Frustration with High School Geometry - Linda Hinkle

Our teen is taking Geometry this year. He's actually doing very well and hasn't needed to see his math tutor yet.

Geometry Homework Help: Some Ways To Help Overcome Your Frustration With High School Geometry
By: Linda Hinkle

I know you. I have seen you in my geometry classroom many times during the last 29 years. You have always, and I mean always, been a very good math student. You made good grades in Algebra with very little effort, and you have always liked math. But now you are taking high school geometry, and you are really frustrated. You’ve got good study habits; you pay attention in class, ask questions, and do your homework. But for some reason this strange course just doesn’t make sense to you and you find yourself even requiring some additional help with geometry homework, which has never happened before. Heck, in past math courses you were the one that could give others help!

To make matters worse, you are seeing classmates who had trouble with Algebra suddenly doi…