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Showing posts from November 5, 2006

We'll Miss You Ed Bradley

I was cleaning our son's room, listening to our local NPR radio station when the news reporter mention that Ed Bradley, '60 Minutes' had died of leukeima. I had no idea that Mr. Bradley was ill. But that was just like him. He was a class act, stylish, a jazz fan, and spoke fluent French.

Ed Bradley was my first major crush while I was in college. I even transferred to Cheney University, PA, for a semester. (I didn't know that he had graduated from there when I applied) I watched '60 Minutes' every Sunday faithfully. When he visited my hometown for a story I actually was able to meet him. He was an eloquent man.

You can read more about Ed Bradley at

Save Money with Online Ink Cartridges by Anna Josephs

We do purchase our ink cartridges online. Why? In many situations it's less expensive then the retail stores.

Save Money with Online Ink Cartridges By: Anna Josephs

Are you in need of ink cartridges? Think about purchasing it online. It is easy and saves over expensive manufacturer’s brands. Numbers of online ink cartridges sites have compatible inkjet cartridges print perfect just like name brand. Ink refill or purchasing inkjet cartridges online has become very easy and flexible for busy office.

The purchasing part is easy. However, but sometimes deciding on which type of ink cartridge to buy can be confusing. Generally in market we find three basic types of ink cartridges for printer. They are OEM cartridges, compatible ink cartridges and remanufactured cartridges.

Among all the cartridges the best cartridges that you can find in terms of quality are the OEM brand name ink cartridges because they are made to perform optimally with a specific printer. That is why OEM brands ar…

November 8 is Parents are Teachers Day!

Give yourself a big hug and pat on the back today for the fantastic job that you do.

Believe me our kids are watching and learning from us everyday. Our son makes me so proud! Recently he was watching a program about celebrity moms. When he observed that many or most had nannies he said, "Man, does that stink! I would want to have my parents raising me. Mom, I won't do that when I have kids." Out of the mouth of babes!

Wordless Wednesday - Hubby and Me at Sea World Homeschooler Days

Election Day - Get Out and Vote!

In the state of California, we have several important Props that will be decided. I wanted to get more information so during my Internet search I found Easy Voter Guide. You'll find the voter's guide available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese. The guide is downloadable and can be printed.

You can also find your local poll place. There's links to the official Secretary of State voter's guide, campaign finance reports and

Remember to vote!

Telecommuting Customer Service Reps Tip: Listen to Your Voice

When I was working on the outside, in customer service, one of our training tools was monitoring calls. A sample of calls are recorded, listening to and given feedback. This is a very helpful way to improve your stats. Now that I monitored calls on a contract basis, I cannot tell you how many people that talk too fast, not loud enough or clearly. It's a distract to the customer, resulting in low sales and scores. But it can be improved.

Since we work for ourselves could I suggest talking into a recorder and having your partner or teenager and yourself 'grade' a few calls each week. Or have the person listen to you while you're taking calls. They and you should be listening for tone, pace and clarity. And be honest. This process is a helpful tool.

One of the ways I was able to slow down was by becoming a Readers Helper at our local school. By reading books to small kids, I had to slow down, articulate my words and watch my pitch. Even accentuate a word or words to creat…