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Organizing Your Home Office and Paperwork by Stephanine Davies

My latest organizing project is purging my paperwork, creating new files and organizing my home office area. This woman is on a mission with trash bin, shredder and my DymoLabelMaker!

Organizing Your Home Office and Paperwork By: Stephanie Davies

Organizing your home office can truly be a hair raising task! By home office, I mean any area of your house which you pay bills in, write notes, send cards, store paperwork, etc. Some people are lucky to have a separate room for this purpose, and others section off an area in a room with perhaps just a desk. Either way, this article will deal with organizing this area of your life.

When organizing your home office, the first and foremost priority is going to be all that paperwork. The worst thing that has happened to me is when looking for a bill, a phone number, or important information...I just can't find it! Even though I know that it HAS to be in there....somewhere.

There are several different ways to organize your important bills, pape…

Make Affordable Holiday Gift Baskets by Nicole Dean

When it come to creating an affordable gift basket I need a lot of help. Thanks to Nicole Dean ideas we can create affordable and appealing gift baskets.

Make Affordable Holiday Gift Baskets By: Nicole Dean

Gift baskets are a great gift for families. You can make your own Holiday Gift Baskets inexpensively and easily using some of the ideas below.

Start with a basket or container. Throughout the year, watch for inexpensive baskets wherever you go. I find great baskets of all shapes and sizes at dollar stores. However, you aren’t limited by baskets. Use anything from a popcorn tin to a beach pail filled with goodies for an inexpensive gift.

There are a zillion themes to choose from and they're very fun to make. Here are just a few ideas, but the possibilities are endless.

Family Movie Night Basket:
Fill a basket with classic movie theater snacks, like Junior Mints and Raisinettes. Include a few family-friendly DVDs. Don't forget the microwaveable popcorn.

Sunday Morning Basket:

Holiday Gift Shopping Ideas for Teens

Are you looking for some great holiday gift ideas for tweens and teens? I've gathered a list of resources that have posted gift suggestions, along with some of our teen's favorite online stores. Some of these may already be on your list but you may find some surprises. (I sure did)

Parenting My Teens

Parenting Your Adolescents

Disipline Crosses

Orange County Choppers

Eddie Bauer

'Ignite Your Faith' Christian Teen Magazine

GameTap - Online Game Site

PBTeen - Teen furnishings, backpacks, decor

Happy Thanksgiving from Berrymorins Bits and Tips

All of these recipes are diabetic approved. Please refer to Mr. Food's Quick & Easy Diabetic Cooking cookbook for the items with an star. Our Thanksgiving menu, this year, is as follows:


Mashed Potatoes* with Turkey Gravy

Whole Wheat Rolls

Mac and Cheese*

Mixed Green Salad

Apple Pie*

Here's wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving.

Wordless Wednesday - Annual Corny Joke Day on Dr. Laura Show!

Need Alittle Help This Thanksgiving? Purchase Your Thanksgiving Planning Guide Today

I don't know about you but being organized during the holidays makes it more enjoyable for you and your family. So stop pulling your hair out today. Stop by Healthy Menu and purchase the Thanksgiving Planning Guide. It's full of planning tips, decorating ideas, healthy recipes, crafts for the kids and shopping list and much more! And get get all of this for just $9.97 per downloadable guide.

Just click on the Thanksgiving icon, on the right of the blog.

I printed mine today, immediately 3 hole punched it and added it to my House Management Book. Now, excuse me but I'm going to kick back and enjoy the stress-free holidays.

Can Homeschoolers Take The Educator's Deduction? - Homeschool CPA

Have you been thinking about taking the Educator's Deduction on your tax return this year? Well, you may want to think twice about not doing it, especially if you do not qualify for the deduction. Please visit Homeschool CPA's blog post for more details on this deduction and other tax information.

Will Your' Homeschool Group Have a Yearbook This Year?

When my mother was visiting us, last fall, I pulled out our son's yearbook from previous year. Her remark was " He has a yearbook?" Then she started looking through it and commented "That's a great idea!" We actually get that and similar comments when we mention that our ISP program has a yearbook.

The first day of school, kids get their pictures taken for student ids. They use those pictures for the class pictures. Through out the year, parents and students take pictures at field trips and activities.

Just because you homeschool doesn't mean that your kids should miss out on this opportunity.

You could have a traditional yearbook made in cooperation of your homeschool support group. Many companies have recognized the fact that homeschoolers want to document their school year. Visit Jostens Yearbook for homeschool yearbooks for details and sample kits.

Some parents and groups make their own yearbook. It can be as simple as a a scrapbook of the …

November 20 is National Military Family Recognition Day

Did you know that National Military Family Recognition Day falls on Monday of Thanksgiving week every year? How appropriate don't you think?

Here are some ways to show your support to a local military family. How about offering your hospitality by inviting them over for dinner, making a batch of cookies and including a card and delivering it, babysitting the little ones so the spouse can take a much needed break, or making a holiday gift basket and presenting it as a family.

This year, our church is delivering 150 turkeys to a local charity. The charity is planning on assembling and presenting food baskets to local Navy and Marine families who's spouses are deployed.

As a former Air Force brat there are many memories of the communities coming together to let us know how much they appreciated us. Now that I'm an adult I really want to give back. So, let's give all military families a standing ovation and a big thank you today.

It's Annual Corny Joke Day on Dr. Laura this Wednesday!

Listen to the Dr. Laura Show this Wednesday, November 22 for the Annual Corny Joke Day, 11am to 3pm PST. Listeners will call in with their funny jokes. Those that really crack up Dr. Laura and her staff will be eligible for prizes.

If you're not comfortable going on the show you can fax in your jokes but you will not be eligible for a prize. Visit the website for more fun details.

Women by Grace Radio Show is Looking for Your Questions

Kelly McCausey and Sandra Jensen, Women By Grace Radio, are looking for your anonymous questions regarding sex and the Christian women for their next show segment. The ladies would like to cover this topic well so here are some of their suggestions for topics: Dealing with sexual abuse, sexual purity, teaching our children about sex, and enjoying sex within marriage. For more details, please visit their website.

You'll also find a link within My Favorite Internet Talk Radio Shows.

'Is Your Spouse Stressed at Work' by Donna Savage

Recently, I found a terrific article, by Donna Savage, at Marriage that I would like to share with you. It's called 'Is Your Spouse Stressed at Work'. She provides helpful information such as that during stressful times we cannot fix everything, sometimes all you can do is provide support by listening and being there. For some of us, just being quiet and listening is a very difficult task.

You'll also read about adjusting your expectations during this time, creating a calm and relaxing homefront and much more.

I like what she had to say about making the choice to either sulk in the corner or give your spouse tender kisses. Who wouldn't have more fun with the latter?