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Creating Your Christmas or Hanukah Scrapbook by Audrey Okaneko

Don't forget that mini scrapbooks make great gifts.

Creating Your Christmas or Hanukah Scrapbook By: Audrey Okaneko

We hear the phrase “holiday season” beginning as early as October 1st, yet, when it comes to creating scrapbook albums, I often see photos from just the one day of Christmas, or the 8 days of Hanukah.

This year, create your album for the entire season. What does this mean? When do you start your shopping and planning? My kids have always created a wish list for my mom and dad. Make a copy of these wish lists and add them to your scrapbook.

Once you begin your shopping, take photos of the bags and bags of goodies you have purchased. There have been years where I’ve looked in my trunk and just laughed at the amount of bags I have inside. Some years I have bought gifts for teachers, for coworkers, for my family and for the many gift exchanges I’m involved in.

I’ve always done my gift wrapping either during the day when the kids are at school or at night when they are asl…

How to Just Say No and Not to Take On Too Much by Cucan Pemo

Who isn't guilty of doing please raise their hands in the air and wave them like you just don't care! Okay, you can put them down now.

Practice saying no both at home and at work, whenever you’re asked to take on more than you know you can handle. Overextending yourself can be a hard habit to break, but it is an essential step in getting out of your own way so you can accomplish your life’s goals. You deserve time for yourself, and you must be responsible for ensuring your personal needs are met.

Here are 5 ways to learn to say “NO”:

1. “I’m not comfortable/don’t enjoy doing that.” Stick to your guns. If you’re asked to do something that seems wrong or a task you despise doing, don’t agree to it and explain why. This way you will be able to avoid repeat requests for the same thing.

2. “I can’t help right now, but ask me later.” Again, be honest with this statement. If you really do want to help out, but just don’t have the time when the request is made, let the person asking yo…

Today in History: Pearl Harbor was Attacked

On this date, in 1941, Japanese aircraft attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. There were many heroic moments that day. One is Dorie Miller, a cook on the USS West Virgina, rushed to the deck and began firing one of the ship's large anti-aircraft guns at planes above. He continued firing till he ran out of his ammo and was ordered to abandon ship. For his heroism, Mr. Miller was rewarded the Naval Cross. As a side note, he was the first African-American to receive this honor.

Visit the following websites for more information. And don't forget your local public library. They have a selection of books, DVDs, videos and audio for you to check out.


Naval Historical Center

Take a Listen to Army Talk Radio Show - 'Everlasting Matrimony'

Tara Cooke, Army Talk Radio Show, speaks with author, Sheryl Kurland about her book, 'Everlasting Matrimony'. Sheryl spoke with couples that were married 50 years or more and included their advice into her book.

Some of her findings that I found enlighting was that living together before marriage doesn't help one stay married. That getting divorced can lower your wealth by 77%.

You don't have to be an army wife to listen and enjoy Tara's show. She covers many topics that are revelant to all of us.

When you access the website, click on Archives and look for the November 27, 2006 show.