Saturday, December 16, 2006

Peter Boyle and Loraine Boyle's Marriage Marriage site has a terrific profile about Peter and Loraine Boyle's marriage. As many of you know, Peter Boyle, 'Everybody Loves Raymond', passed away this week. He and his wife were married for 29 years. As you read this profile please take note of Peter and Loraine's comments regarding each other. I hope that it leaves you with a warm feeling today.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Visit Martha for Ornament Projects

Visit Martha for a list of ornament projects, that you and your family can make. You can then hang them on the tree or give as gifts.

The Anxiety Club by Demetria Zinga

The Anxiety Club By: Demetria Zinga

"How am I going to make it? What am I going to do? Where will we get the money?”

Do these questions sound familiar to you? Are they perhaps, questions you’ve asked recently?

Then welcome to the club. I call it the Anxiety Club.
We’ve all been part of that club at some point in our lives. There are moments when bills need to be paid, but the money is no where to be found. Situations occur in our lives, and we have to make really tough decisions that affect everyone involved. Sometimes we don’t see that light at the end of the tunnel and we feel trapped.
So I’ve asked, “What do I do? What do I say? How will I solve this problem?” and last but not least, “God, are you there?”

The Anxiety Club always has a way of making you pay your dues even before you decide to discontinue your membership. You’ll pay through your emotions, your health, and spiritual well being. Anxiety and worry causes undue stress, not to mention a myriad of other negative things it does to your nervous system. By joining the club, you could end up be an emotional wreck, and spiritually depleted of your joy, energy, and enthusiasm for serving Christ.

So you want out of the club? “But how do I get out?” you say. I mean, it’s one thing to wish yourself into a peaceful state of mind, but the reality of it is, you STILL have bills that are unpaid. Life still goes on.
Okay, true, but the words of our Savior sum it all up:
“Do not worry about our life, what you will eat or what you will drink; nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food and the body more than clothing? …Which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature…?”
In other words, worrying will not make the situation better. Here’s a GREAT, practical solution to the problems we face:
“Have faith in God…”, quoted by the Savior Himself.

Ready to join the Faith Club? Well, hop aboard. Don’t worry, there’s no penalty for signing up too late, and the only dues you’ll pay will be the commitment you make to trust Christ for everything you will ever need in life. And the good thing about it is, membership to the Faith Club offers GREAT benefits, like peace of mind, joy, security, and strength to face the hard times. Additional perks and bonuses are also available.

Now don’t you think it’s time to leave the Anxiety Club behind?

Article by:

Demetria Zinga is a Navy wife and mother of a fun preschooler. The founder of Christian Ladies Connect and Christian Ladies Talk Radio, a ministerial ezine and online radio podcast for Christian women, she has a passion to help other women in thei

Thursday, December 14, 2006

More Companies Going Virtual with Workers Telecommuting

Click here to read a news article at the about the lastest on a company going virtual. The article explains it's a benefit to the telecommuter's life by providing more quality of life while working. Also, allowing the company to expand their workforce.

Save Up to 50% at Eddie! Last Minute Gifts

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My favorite online store, Eddie, has many shirts, pants and accessory items at 50% off. You'll find great selections for the women, men and teens in your life. And If you spend $100 or more you'll get free shipping, till December 25, 2006, just enter the code HOLIDAYFS at checkout.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Low Fat Gingerbread Recipe - Low Fat Cooking

Look at what I found. Here's a low fat gingerbread recipe for those of us on a restricted diet. See you can still enjoy desserts in a moderate serving. Enjoy and thanks to Low Fat Cooking site!

Rona's Product Recommendation: Pyrex Portable

Holidays mean potlucks and that means it's time to break out my Pyrex Portable. Our contribution to the my husband's holiday potluck, Tequila Lime Chicken. Yummy. Originally posted in August 2006.

After several years of potlucks, having food spill out in the car, trying to keep it hot till serving, I decided it was time to purchase a Pyrex Portable. I purchased my 5 piece Portable set at Smart and Final. It was at an affordable price, $19.99. It not only came with 2 hot/cold bags but a slotted spoon. The holder has plenty of pockets for places to put paper plates, utensils and other items. There's a place to write your address and phone number, in case you forget you Portable. (not thatI would but it's a good idea) The handles are very strong and have Velcor closers. You can cook and serve your dish in the cassorole dish. Just put the cover on after it comes out of the oven.

Now that I'm hooked on my rectangle cassorole Portable I would like to purchase some of the other pieces.

I am strongly recommend this product. It's great for picnics too. You'll be wondering why you waited so long. I sure did!

This product is sold in many department stores and food stores. Also visit these online stores for prices and selections.




Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Rona's Weekly Blog Recommendation: This Mama Cooks!

Now here's a blog that everyone can sink their teeth into! This Mama Cooks! has recipes, cookbook and product reviews and other food news. The blog is bright, colorful and fun. You'll enjoy your visit so much that I suggest bookmarking for future returns.

One of my favorite post is her Food Blog of the Week. That's how I recently got turned onto Gluten-Free Goddess. Here's a most visit blog for those of us who are required to follow a gluten free diet but still want to enjoy eating tasty food.

And please consider purchasing a ticket for A Menu of Hope at This Mama Cooks! You could win a beautiful collection of cookbooks. A Menu of Hope raises money for UNICEF's food programs. Please stop by her website for more information on A Menu of Hope today.

Today is Gingerbread House Day !

In honor of Gingerbread House Day, visit Kids' Turn Central for instructions and supplies for making a variety of gingerbread houses.

After you're done, stop by The to see what some nice kid gingerbread house creations!

Visit to Send Your Condolences to the Kim Family

James Kim, Senior Editor, passed away trying to find help for his family. The family had gotten their car stuck in the snow.

You can watch the memorial video by visiting the website. You'll also find a link to forward condolences and donations to the family.

Our family sends prayers to the Kim family and their friends during this most difficult time.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Rona's DVD Recommendation: 'Murder She Wrote: First Season'

When I check out or rent a classic TV show DVD I never know if our teenager is going to be interested in watching it. He has surprised me many times and is now a fan of 'Nero Wolfe', 'Alf' and 'Adam 12'.

This weekend, I checked out 'Murder She Wrote: First Season' on DVD from our local public library. After my final phone shift, I sat back and popped it into the DVD player. As the intro was playing here comes Marcus. Do you know after one episode and tons of questions he's a fan?

If you're not familiar with the series, it starred Angela Lansbury, as Jessica Fletcher. She lives in a fictional town, in Maine, called Cabot Cove, is a retired English teacher and who writes mystery 'who done it' books. She also finds herself investigating the crimes.

I always found it a fun and cute TV show to watch. And these days it's nice to just be entertained without being slammed with profanity, sex and nudity.

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