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Housecleaning Tips - Grab Dust Hiding in the Kitchen by Karen Fritscher-Porter

Housecleaning Tips - Grab Dust Hiding in the Kitchen By: Karen Fritscher-Porter

Housecleaning tips usually discuss the importance of dusting your home. But this one gives you the inside scoop about a place you often don't think to include on your dusting route. That's the kitchen.

When you think of cleaning the kitchen you think of grease and food. But you'll find a lot of dust and grime settling in the kitchen on top of the stove hood. Clean this frequently. The easiest way is with a paper towel and some window cleaner or all purpose cleaner. Just make sure you don't have any food sitting on the stovetop or closest countertops while doing this job because some dust will fall there. So after you clean the stove hood, you'll need to clean the stovetop and countertop, also using paper towels and some spray cleaner.

Use a stool to climb up high enough to see and dust the top of the refrigerator. Using your dust cloth, pull the dust in a forward motion to start so that …

Product Recommendation: Swiffer Max

After 7 years, I decided it was time to retire the old Swiffer dry mop. Last night, I purchased a Swiffer Max and am thrilled. This one cleans a larger area. (love it) And like the older model you can use wet and dry cloths. In between those monthly hands and knee kitchen floor scrubbings I use my Swiffer. It's much more convenient than a mop and no need for a bucket.

My husband and son don't mind mopping the floors with the Swiffer either. This item should be in every household's broom closet.

The price was an affordable $10, for the starter kit. at our local Sears Essential. It included a sample of the wet and dry cloths.

Ice Skating at Horton Plaza

Marcus and the home-based educated group went to the ice skating rink at the famous Horton Plaza last week. The outdoors was just right for this winter activity. Cool, overcast weather with lots of thermos of hot chocolate. I'm proud to say that he didn't fall once but did require additional socks due to cold feet. (this mom packs it all in her handy messenger bag) Parents took pictures and video of our kids. Some even bravely put on a pair of skates and headed out there too.

Afterwards, Marcus and I headed to Great Kahn's Mongolian Festival for a hot and filling lunch. If you've never had the Great Khan experience than allow me to explain. You place your order entree and drink, pay and then are presented with a bowl and napkin. You have a selection of frozen shaved meats, vegetables, sauces and noodles or rice. They cook the assortment on flat grills with no oil. (very healthy) We were hungry and enjoyed every mouthful.

On our way to the car, we stopped at a few store…

Wordless Wednesday

Learn How To Plan Your Meals to Free Up Your Time by Aurelia Williams

Many of the the Stay at home mom blogs, that I visit recommend menu planning. Not only do you save time but you save money. And who doesn't want to do that?

Learn How To Plan Your Meals to Free Up Your Time By: Aurelia Williams

Meal planning and bulk cooking are both wonderful techniques you can utilize and modify to fit your families needs. The idea behind this is simple. The principle is that you cook and or prepare your meals ahead of time and then preserve them by either freezing or fridgerating them. Also, meal planning you can cook one large meal and get 2-3 other meals out of it! The key here is to make every meal you cook count! When you are going to prepare a family favorite, double, triple, even quadruple the recipe if it will keep in the freezer. Sound wonderful doesn’t it? Why not give yourself a much-needed break -- cook ahead today so you can relax tomorrow!

The first step in meal planning is always the most challenging. To make it less challenging I suggest that you …

Laundry - The Neverending Story? by Carrie Lauth

Laundry. Ugh. Is that what you hear or maybe you are saying these words yourself? My family does the laundry together, usually on Saturdays. Sometimes my husband and I do the laundry together.

Laundry - The Neverending Story? By: Carrie Lauth

Laundry can be a huge time sucker and it's the task many Moms dread most. It doesn't have to be this way. Here are some tips to help you tame the laundry beast.


Minimize the amount of laundry you do by creating new standards of "dirty". If you wear a pair of jeans for two hours then put on your shorts, are the jeans dirty? Not in my house. Pajamas put on a clean body at night after a bath and worn once aren't dirty either. Ditto for a towel that blots a freshly scrubbed body. Teach your kids that dirty means it has food or obvious dirt marks on it. The exception? Underwear of course!

Minimize sorting by putting a hamper in each bedroom that has 3 slots. One for whites, one for darks, one for mixed colors. For kids tha…

Rona's Book Recommendation: The Five People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom

Here's a book that has been on my reading list for a long time. I finally had the opportunity to get my hand on a copy through This much talked about book is just amazing, heart warming and caused me a few tears. It's a lovely little book that follows the main character, Eddie, through a series of meetings with people who have affected his life, after he dies. The last thing he remembers is two small hands linking with his, as he tries to save a young girl from an amusement park ride accident. Some of the five people he meets surprise him, as well as the settings in which he finds them.

This book really puts light on those of us who may feel we have a dull, boring life with no purpose.

Here's a book that makes a fantastic gift for anytime of the year. With all the horrible news recently we should all get a copy and read it.