Saturday, December 30, 2006

Rona's Weekly Blog Recommendation: 4:53am

I first found her blog through turkey feathers. Here's a self-described Christian woman, mother of 5 grown children, grandmother of 5 and happily married to her high school sweetheart, who loves sewing, quilting, scrapbooking and folk art. You'll love seeing and reading about her latest craft projects. My favorite being her Advent calendar. (please take a look at this one)

Please feel free to stop by 4:53am and say hello. Let her know that BerryMorins Bits and Tips sent you.

Check Out "Nero Wolfe TV Series: Second Season" on DVD - Blockbuster Online

We just finished watching 'Nero Wolfe TV Series: Second Season' starring Timothy Hutton and Maury Chaykin. The episodes are based on the 'Nero Wolfe' books by Rex Stout. If you're looking for an old fashion who dunn it this DVD series is for you. The writing, acting and direction remind me of a well done performance. Our teenage son boasted, after watching one DVD of the series, that he was hooked.

His favorite character is Archie Goodwin, played by Timothy Hutton. Marcus states that Archie is smart, knows how to handle the ladies and can handle himself in any physical altercation. He also makes frequent comments of the style of dress, language and technology. (remember rotary phones)

Nero Wolfe, played by Maury Chaykin, will have you reaching for your dictionary. But, yeck, that's part of the fun of watching this series.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Law & Order New Years Eve and Day Marathon

Alert to all you L&O Fans! December 31 to January 1, TNT is airring a 'Law & Order' marathon from 8 pm to 1 pm pacific time.

USA Network is having a Law & Order: CI marathon on December 31 from 6 am to 5 am, January 1, 2007.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Natural Treatments for Anxiety by Jamie Lynn

Natural Treatments for Anxiety By: Jamie Lynn

Natural treatments for anxiety such as meditation and hypnotherapy are gaining in popularity amongst sufferers of common stress as well as more serious anxiety disorders.

While drugs and supplements can promise some effectiveness in treating anxiety, holistic methods can help you to make an overall reduction in stress through long-term lifestyle changes.

Even for those severely stricken with anxiety, remedies such as Xanax and Buspar are meant to treat the symptoms of anxiety, not address the root causes. Xanax and other anti anxiety treatments can also have serious side effects including hallucinations, rashes, mouth sores, yellowing of the skin, dry mouth and headache. In addition, anti stress medication can cause serious addiction and withdrawal symptoms if the dosage is decreased suddenly.

Various natural supplements such as ginseng and valerian have been used successfully as anxiety treatments. For example, ginseng has been shown to have positive effects on anxiety, in addition to cardiovascular health, menopause, physical endurance and diabetes. However, once the substance is no longer ingested, the beneficial effects slowly dissipate. Like prescription drugs, natural supplements fail to address underlying triggers behind anxiety and stress.

It is interesting to note that doctors are increasingly turning to natural treatments for anxiety, in addition to more traditional methods. Studies are beginning to show the physiological effects which occur in the body during holistic practices such as meditation and hypnotherapy. For example, during Transcendental Meditation, a style of meditation founded in the 1950s by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, mental activity is slowed while alertness and clarity remain. Actual physiological changes include slowing of the metabolic rate, increased cerebral blood flow and changes in muscle resistance.

The changes are a direct reaction to physiological changes induced by heightened and continued stress. After Transcendental Meditation, the patient reports feeling relaxed, happy and better able to function both personally and professionally.

Hypnotherapy is another natural treatment for anxiety that is increasingly beginning to be accepted as valid in the medical community. Through guided imagery and positive associations, the patient works with the hypnotist to recognize underlying triggers and causes behind anxiety-ridden behavior. Hypnotherapy has also showed promising success in treating addictive behaviors such as drinking, overeating, smoking and drug use. What makes hypnotherapy so effective is that it cuts directly to the unconscious mind, where fears and phobias are housed. There are also physiological effects which occur during hypnotherapy (lessening of the heart rate, reduction of the stress inducing hormone cortisol etc.) which lessen overall anxiety and stress.

Drugs and supplements can be an instant fix for anxiety and stress and do promise a certain amount of effectiveness and relief. In fact, doctors may prescribe medication as a means of getting some of the more immediate symptoms under control. However, if you are suffering from an anxiety disorder or a heightened stress level, be sure to inquire about natural treatments for anxiety such as meditation and hypnotherapy.

A holistic approach, addressing both lifestyle and physical symptoms, can be a more effective treatment for anxiety than conventional methods, and may just be the answer for you.
Article by:

Jamie Lynn has dedicated herself to teaching others the Power of Meditation and other alternative health/healing tips and techiques for the mind, body and spirit!

What is Boxing Day - December 26

Boxing Day is a holiday that is celebrated in England, New Zealand, Canada and Australia, on the following Monday after Christmas. The traditional celebration is giving money and/or donations to charities, the needy and people in service positions.

You can read more information about Boxing Day at the following websites.
Annie's Boxing Day Page

Monday, December 25, 2006

Law and Order Series Christmas Marathon

I am a 'Law and Order' fan. Actually my husband and son are too. We even quote Lennyhumorism. (that's Marcus' word) TNT has the original 'Law and Order' show on Christmas Day! For us diehard fans, TNT has given us a terrific Christmas present. All day long we can enjoy our favorite Executive Assistant D.A. Jack McCoy and others catch the bad guys and put them behind bars, while unwrapping our presents, eating our dinner and just kicking back!

The marathon starts at 12pm. Visit the website for a list of the shows, reminder services, photo gallery, and more. While you're there test your knowledge playing the 'Law and Order Triva'. We played it together and had a lot of fun answering the questions. There's also a demo of the interactive game. I've played it a few times and it's great!

Christmas Truce - Learn More About It

And on this day in 1917, in war-torn Europe, German and English soldiers called a Christmas Day truce. For one day they shared food, exchange gifts, sang Christmas carols and spoke of home. Many say that they played soccer.

At nightfall, they returned to their muddy trenches. But the story is told that the next day each army purposely fired over the heads of the other, unable to kill the men they now regarded as their comrades.

You can read more about Christmas Truce at the following websites.

Christmas Truce 1914 - a collection of letters written by British soliders about the Christmas Truce
The History Channel - Today in History has a video clip

Merry Christmas from Berry-Morins Bits and Tips

Here's wishing you and your's a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season.

From Rona, Marcus and Charles

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Rona's Weekly Blog Recommendation: A Good Cup of Coffee

Please visit this week's Blog recommendation, A Good Cup of Coffee. Here's a Kentucky stay at home mom of 2 kids, husband and dog who blogs about her daily life. And she recognizes that must have beverage, coffee, while doing it all! Pop in for a visit and say hello.

Working on the Christmas Day

Holidays mean working extra hours, at my work at home customer service job. Many people ask me if the call volume goes down. Actually it doesn't and sometimes it's increases, in comparison to a regular day. I think there are many people who don't have family obligations. For others, it's just not a holiday that they recognize. And sometimes I get calls from people who are lonely and want to talk.

I don't mind working on the holidays. There's always an incentive and plenty of available hours. My husband and son will be busy watching football games and cooking dinner.

The good thing is that I can be wearing my favorite robe, pjs and slippers while working. Happy Holidays.

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