Saturday, May 19, 2007

Online Book Club Swaps - A Great Money Saver

It's been about one year since I joined Paperback Swap. I've saved alot of money by swapping books and only paying for postage. I even use the brown grocery bags for wrapping so my out-of-pocket is very low.

There are other online book club swaps sites that I do belong too. and Book Mooch are also very popular and similar to Paperback Swap.

With many homebased educators planning for next year's curriculum, don't forget these money saving sites. Paperback Swap even has a homeschool catagory.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Eat Better - A Healthy Lifestyle Site

Eat Better is a helpful website to get or keep you and your family on the healthy track. Whether it's recipes, diabetes management, exercise tips or articles, this website has it. Sign up for the free newsletters to stay up-to-date on health related news.

I really love their recipe site that gives you the opportunity to submit your recipe for a chance to revamped into a healthier one!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Officially a Stay-At-Home Mom

I recently terminated my contract and am now a fulltime Stay-At-Home Mom. It's very interesting to realize that I no longer have a phone shift, set up my schedule or complete up-training.

I've really enjoyed my 3+ years of working from home but due to my arthritic conditions and headaches, getting worst, it was time to stop.

I will continue to post about work-at-home opportunities, message boards and websites, that I found helpful from time to time.

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