Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Please Say a Prayer for the Homeless

Since we became homeless on May 31, I feel like I am in a continous course of learning and awakening. I've usually ignored the homeless guy on the street corner, bumming for pocket change, or digging for recyclables in the dumpster.

I had no idea how many families that are living in their cars or on the streets. Many people from middle to upper middle income, some who once owned their home, waiting in the same line as me. Small babies, toddlers, teens and their parent(s) waiting in line to use the showers and toilet, at the downtown shelter. I overheard people discussing safe places to sleep, places one can park their car without the police bothering them. And not so surprising was that still have to get their kids to school, get to their job (if they have one), and worry about what's for dinner.

I'm continue to learn more everyday. I feel that this was a path that we were meant to be on. The best advice I've received was from one of my church's pastor. "This was going to happen anyways, it's the way that you deal with it that matters." Yes, he definitely has been right on that fact.

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