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Showing posts from July 22, 2007

Frugal Summer Fun For The Family by Judy Turner

Looking for ways to entertain the family on a budget? Please read the following article.

Summer is in full swing and you want to make sure your kids enjoy it. Besides hitting the pools and playing at the park here are a few frugal ideas to keep kids of all ages happy.

Spend an afternoon at the library. Besides getting a welcome reprieve from the heat you can check out free books for the kids. Our local library offers offers free videos for rent as well as story hour and other activities.

While at the library be sure to check the bulletin board for other free activities being offered in the area. You may find lots of fun, frugal activities that were not listed in your local newspaper.

Take a trip to the SPCA. You can stop by to visit the animals and volunteer to walk them and play with them. Not only will the dogs and cats get some well deserved TLC but you and your children will feel great doing it.

Do you have a garden? Whether it is a vegetable garden or flower garden this is a great…

Berry-Morins Movie Review: Transformers

My husband and I have fond memories of Marcus watching 'The Transformers' cartoon and playing with the toys. It always amazed us that he didn't need directions to "transform" them from vehicle to machine!

During the July 4 weekend, we decided to see the movie, Transformers and we were not disappointed. Shia La Beouf, of 'Even Stevens' fame, plays the hero, as well, as romantic lead. We thought he did a fantastic job. He had to be funny one moment and than serious without being campy. Tyrese Gibson and Josh Duhamel, Las Vegas, are in terrific shape and take a beating throughout the movie.

There's plenty of action, cars, comedy, for the family. I probably wouldn't bring the younger kidlets with some of the language and sexual comments.

If you haven't had a chance to go to this movie with your teens, you might want to consider scheduling it this weekend!