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7 Tips For An Easy and Balanced Diabetes Diet by Ann Saunders

It is often thought that diabetics need a special diet and that they have to cut out certain food items altogether, or replace them with special "Diabetic" items purchased from health food stores. This is not the case and is nothing more than a clever marketing ploy. In reality, diabetics can eat exactly the same food as everybody else.

Because diabetes is a metabolic disorder and requires the sufferer to control of glucose levels in the blood, diabetics do need to pay careful attention to their diet and must ensure that their diet is correctly balanced.

So, what sort of foods should diabetics be selecting when it comes to creating a balanced diet? Well, here are 7 suggestions:

1. Include a wide range of fruit and vegetables and avoid sticking to just your two or three favorites. One good test to apply to fruit and vegetables is the color test, which simply means that you should try to eat fruit and vegetables that span the colors of the rainbow. So, include a wide range such a…