Saturday, October 06, 2007

Save A Stamp - Get Online Bill Pay

Are you still writing out checks, licking envelopes, and rushing to the post office, to mail your bills? How about saving yourself some time and money by utilizing your online banking service. Many companies offer e-billing, they email your statement and you issue a payment, via your checking account. If the company doesn't offer e-billing, the bank sends a check. How cool is that?

Now, instead of dealing with the lines at the post office you can put your feet up and enjoy a good book.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Menu Plan Monday - October 1

First, Marcus has added a third day to his tennis drills. He wants to get more time in, working on his serve. Charles and I actually have some video of him, at practice. (we'll post it soon)

We're still waiting on our living room and dining room furniture, to be delivered. Yes, they did quote 3-5 weeks but do we really think it's going to take 5 weeks? Ugh! I actually forgot what it looks like. Stop by and take a peak, at their showroom.

I've been receiving some email questions, regarding our Property Manager jobs. The most popular one is "How large is your free apartment?" Well, it's 1200 square feet. Please keep them coming.

Now, onto this week's menu. Oh, if you would like to join in the Menu Plan Monday fun, please stop by Organizing Junkie.

Shepards Pie

Design Your Own Pizzas on Whole Wheat Crust


Tilipia and Mushroom Coucous

Buffalo Chicken with Oven Baked Red Potatoes

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