Thursday, November 01, 2007

Help Your Kids Improve Their Skills With Extra Tutoring During the Holiday Season by Susan Hutson

Holiday time is the best time for children to enhance their educational skills at a slow and comfortable pace, in order to keep abreast with the competitive environment at school. Many children prefer to spend part of their holidays catching up on their schoolwork, with or without parental influence. In today’s fast moving society, the need for such extra coaching is becoming a crucial necessity, for many children find it difficult to cope with the aggressive and competitive school curriculum.

Many parents prefer the assistance of private tutors for their children during the holiday season, for several reasons:

· Ease of conducting lessons at home where the child feels most comfortable and tolerant
· Professional approach in coaching, promising a more effective outcome
· Less need to micromanage and get involved, giving parents the freedom to carry out their own holiday chores
· Provides individual attention to the child, allowing the practice of personalized study methods that will hold the interest of the child
· Adds variety to the child’s holiday and avoids the chances of turning them lazy and uninterested in schoolwork once the holidays are over
and it’s time to go back to school

· Reduces the stress of catching up on work once regular school commences
· Gives a chance for the child to improve their weak points and face the new school year with confidence and enthusiasm

The result of holiday tutoring is immensely beneficial for the future of your child. Basic education provides a solid foundation for a bright future for any child. As parents, it is essential to do your best by your child and facilitate their learning process. Taking the necessary steps to ensure a balanced education is imperative. You will agree that holiday tutoring is one step in the right direction when you look at the benefits it offers:

· Enhances basic skills and develops analytical skills in the child
· Develop a positive attitude towards learning and increases their self-confidence
· Develop effective study habits and a instills a wider knowledge base
· Acquires a deeper approach to the processing of information
· Improves key communication skills including presentation, listening, debating, and reading habits
· Acquires the habit of talking and listening to others in a professional setting

As many parents seek the service of private tutors during the holiday season, it gives rise to a high requirement for home tutors. Many tutoring services offer special study programmes or coaching sessions during the holiday season due to this popular demand. There is also an increase in small time home tutoring businesses or single tutors, as it provides a good, profitable, extra income to many small time entrepreneurs.
Talents that should be present in a skilled holiday tutor:

· An understanding of children and their mannerisms
· A sound knowledge of subject matter
· The ability to plan lessons and set up study goals in the best interest of the student
· A knowledge of useful study methods and learning resources and an ability to use them appropriately
· An awareness of methods of evaluation and principles involved
· The ability to bring out critical thinking in students and promote problem based, self-directed learning
· Analytical skills and facilitatory teaching habits

If you are thinking of starting a home tutoring service yourself, the holiday season would be the best time to venture out on such an enterprise, as the chances of success are in your favor during this time. Many small time home tutors flourish during the holiday season. The market demand makes it easier to acquire a good client base and establish a good, solid foundation for your business. Make a thoughtful contribution this holiday season as a home tutor and see the difference it makes in the life of others, parents and children alike.

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Menu Monday Plan - October 29

This week, our church is having their annual Harvest Fair. There's carnival rides, facepainting, food and games booths and lots more. It's a big event, usually attracting 5000+ people. Sounds like a safe, fun evening, for the whole family.

At work, we had our first site inspection. It went very well and we're very pleased with the results. Who knew that storage could be so busy and fun. I actually don't feel like I'm working. And I love being able to work with my husband and son. We have a great time and really respect each other's expertise.

Well, enough of that, now onto this week's menu!

Tilipia and Mixed Veggies

Spaghetti with Italian Sausage and Veggie Sauce

Sandwiches and Soup

Chicken Alfredo with Wheat Linguini


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