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Setting Up Your Evenings to Simplify Your Mornings - O Quinn

Reading my copy of Simply Organized by Emilie Barnes I’m reminded again how important your evening routine is to a calm morning.

In Simply Organized Emilie advises us to start our day the night before in order to add more hours to our day.

I like passing on good information and having an evening promenade (walk) throughout your home and putting things to rights before you head off to the land of slumber can seemingly add more hours to your day.

Simple steps such as...

Washing up all the dishes (sometimes there is a leftover teacup or a dish from a late night snack)

Clean off kitchen counters (again those leftovers from after dinner eating).

Put out new dish cloths for the next day. Changing your dishcloths on a daily basis is a good idea. Get a set marked for each day of the week. So cute!

Clean off dining table and set table for breakfast (bowls, cups, and plates face down).

Recycle newspapers and put away magazines left laying about.

Sort clothing for a morning load of laundry. Having it sitting by the washing machine ready to go.

Check calendar for next day’s schedule. Is there an appointment or something you wanted to remind yourself of coming up?

Make a list of to-do’s for the next day. This is a huge help. Maybe tomorrow was the day you wanted to clean out the cupboards, or you need to call someone. Or so and so was having a sale and you need to pick up a few things.

Set out clothing to wear for the next day. This gives you the extra minutes you might spend looking for something to wear. If you’re staying at home it’s nice and easy to grab your relaxed clothing but it still is nice to have it laying out ready for you.

It won’t take you more than a few minutes to go about doing these small things but they can add hours to your day.

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Visit O Quinn website Homemaking Organized for more great homemaking and time saving tips. And if checklists for an organized home and life are for you then check out Household Notes.


Maria Palma said…
Thanks for sharing these tips, Rona! I like to write my To Do's at night. I often find that I wake up more focused - and I accomplish more as well.

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