Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Working on Offering Notary Services

After hearing how some of our other stores offer notary services - increasing traffic and attracting business clients - Charles and I decided it would be a great idea for our location. After all, we are actively marketing to the business customer.

Due to all the fees we would need to pay out of pocket I decided that only one of us should pursue it.

We purchased the new Nevada Notary kit from the National Notary Association. For $127.95, we received Fee Schedule, NNA membership, $10,000 4 year bond, $25,000 1 year Errors & Ommissions Insurance, ect.

Charles will then need to attend submit a Non-resident Notary Public application, sign up for a 4hr mandatory notary class, and then send in his Commision Certificate to the NNA to receive his stamp.

Our goal is to be able to start offering notary services by late May or early June.

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