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Showing posts from January 20, 2008

Tax Breaks for Home Businessess - Management

We all know continued layoffs, closings, downsizing and mergers have resulted in home based businesses being grown at a phenomenal rate. However, did you know that home businesses can be great tax shelters?

Home based business people are very often focused on successfully starting the business and generating sufficient profits, initially. So it’s not until the first tax season rolls around that they realize there are deductions that can reduce gross income and thereby can reduce your tax payable.

Unfortunately failure to keep some valuable receipts or other supporting documents, results in many of them being unprepared to maximize the benefits of those eductions. Be sure to keep accurate records of all your expenses, which will later provide the basis of information needed to figure your deductions for the business use of your home. You should keep receipts, bills, cancelled checks, credit card statements, and other evidence of expenses you paid. The IRS requires you to keep these reco…

Menu Plan Monday - January 21

Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day! Yes, it's Monday again. By, the way have you seen's latest commercial regarding Mondays? Have you ever felt like that before? Wanting to fight back against the day.

My husband and I are still in the decorating mode. We purchased a couple of barstools for only $29.99 each, at Target. (my favorite discount store) We also found a new bath mat, butter dish and creamer on sale. Don't you love saving money while creating a beautiful home?

Now onto the menu.

Lemon Roasted Chicken, Brown Rice, Mixed Salad

Carne Asada, Black Beans, Guacamole

Fish, Oven Baked Fries

Meatloaf, Tabbouleh, Broccoli

Soup and Sandwiches