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The Clutter Factor and Working From Home - Ellen Gaver

Some people are comfortable with clutter. Some people feel at home in the midst of chaos. I am not one of those people. Clutter, to me, is a constant reminder of work undone, of a lack of solitude, a lack of balance. Clutter is oppressive. My favorite day of the year is the day of “de-Christmas-ing” my home. Don’t get me wrong…I love Christmas. I love the beautiful and magical way my home looks for about two weeks, but by the time December 28th rolls around, I’m done. As a matter of fact, I’m more than done. The “de-Christmas-ing” is a joyful process, and when I’m finished, I feel as though I can breathe….it must be Spring!

Those of us who work from home face many challenges when our home becomes our workplace as well. There are boundaries that need to be established so that work can be given the consistent attention it needs. There are always distractions abounding when working from home, and they key for me is to keep those distractions to a minimum. When the sink is piled high with…

Urban Homemaker Teleseminar - Get Into Gardening Thursday, February 7

Get into Gardening – Lisa Vitello, Homesteading expert and New Harvest Homestead editor, says it's time to start planning your garden, ordering seeds, preparing the soil, extend the season and get started now. Learn the basics, find out how to buy good seed for your area, what companion planting is, get inspired, and ask your questions! Mark Your Calendar.

Here is the contact information:

Date: February 7, 2008

Scheduled Start Time: 9:00 PM EST, 8:00 CST, 7:00 PM MST, 6:00 PST (Adjust for your time zone, please.

Dial-in Number: 1-605-475-4150

Participant Access Code: 754074

If you have never participated in a phone seminar before, here is how it works:

1. You dial in the phone number below to the seminar. (You pay only for the phone call.)
2. Key in the seminar access code.
3. Introduce yourself, it you wish.
4. Bring a notebook to take notes, a cup of tea, and have your questions ready.
5. Don't worry about background noise, you will be muted that out

Product Recommendation: Moms In Business Network

Have you heard of the Moms In Business Network? They have a strong online presence. I heard about them when I had my bath and body business.

They offer an opportunity for education, referrals, and networking opportunities via online and local chapters, for business owners, managers, and corporate leaders.

I love the teleseminars, which fit in any busy work schedule. You'll find topics dealing with business, leadership and marketing tips.

Stop by the website for more information on this great organization, member benefits and to join.

Community College Courses for High School Students

Our son has been taking a course, offered at the local community college, this month. The six session course, Seven Steps to School Success, covers note taking, study skills, memory methods, test taking and textbook techniques.

He's able to attend the course during the weekend.

The college offers other courses, such as drama and cooking courses. I plan on signing him up for a drama introduction course, this summer.

Check with your local community college, regarding courses for your high school student.

Menu Plan Monday - February 3

Patriots actually lost the Super Bowl! I was shocked! How about you?

My ladies bible study has been an fantastic experience. We have 3 more weeks left of Stepping Up with Beth Moore. Oh, good news, Beth Moore will be in Las Vegas, in September. I'm so there!

The Self Storage Association convention is this week. We'll have some corporate visitors and investors stopping by. Charles, Marcus and I have been busy cleaning and getting ready for this visit. And than a rainstorm comes in today and adds to our work.

Now onto this week's menu plan. Thanks to Organizing Junkie for planning Menu Plan Mondays.

Vegetable Soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Enchilada Stuffed Pasta Cassorole

BBQ Chicken, Salad, Green Beans

Oven Baked Fish and Potatoes, Salad

Pork Stir Fry with Vegetables

Subway Sandwiches - Mom's Day Off