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Showing posts from April 20, 2008

Postage Meters for the Small Office - Save Money

In March, Charles and I decided to rent a Mailstation2 Postage Meter, for the office. Let's face it, we were going to the post office at least 3-4 times a week, racking up mileage, using gas and standing in line - not in the office making sales. Talk about being non-productive!

I did some research on varies postage meters and decided on the Mailstation2 from Pitney Bowes. After the 2 month trial period, it's only $19.99 a month. We're able to use the exact postage - no more guessing. I also love no more trips to the post office. Even our certifieds are sent from the office! When I need more postage I just order it through the machine.

Stop by Pitney Bowes website for more information.

Save Money with Online Ink Cartridges - Anna Josephs

Are you in need of ink cartridges? Think about purchasing it online. It is easy and saves over expensive manufacturer’s brands. Numbers of online ink cartridges sites have compatible inkjet cartridges print perfect just like name brand. Ink refill or purchasing inkjet cartridges online has become very easy and flexible for busy office.

The purchasing part is easy. However, but sometimes deciding on which type of ink cartridge to buy can be confusing. Generally in market we find three basic types of ink cartridges for printer. They are OEM cartridges, compatible ink cartridges and remanufactured cartridges.

Among all the cartridges the best cartridges that you can find in terms of quality are the OEM brand name ink cartridges because they are made to perform optimally with a specific printer. That is why OEM brands are comparatively expensive then brands.
When it comes to purchasing online you will find a lot of what sold on the internet and relatively at very low prices and compared to…