Saturday, May 24, 2008

Booked the Ceremony and Reception !

We looked at Mon Bel Ami chapel, which we found online. First of all, there was no parking, trash in their reception area (porno advertisements) and they had no brochures. The hostess was nice but Charles and I looked at each other and just knew this was not the place for us.

We got back into the car and began to head home. (very disappointed) I then remember seeing a bride and groom going into a location while living at our short term apartment. That's when we decided to head to Victoria's Chapel and Reception.

When we walked in we were promptly met by Sis, Bridal Coordinator. She was bubbly, professional, and great appearance. She offered to take us on a tour of their property, which was large.

The chapel has recently been remodeled. It's decorated nicely, not too over the top. The reception areas were being setup for various events and the food smells were delicious.

When we arrived back to the office, Sis had a brochure ready for us. She reviewed all the packages, advised us of available payment options and presented us with the package.

We were blown away and knew this was the place we would renew our vows!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

David's Bridal Appointment

I had a great time trying on a variety of dresses and veils. And wouldn't you know it I didn't choose the one that I saw on the website.

Patty, Bridal Consultant, picked a couple of strapless and halter gowns. I actually really liked the look. No long trains - just swing hems.

I also learned that I now wear a size 14 dress. That was exciting to find out!

So, which one did I decide one? Well it's A Line Gown with Beaded Cuff! Oh, and it's on sale too!

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