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Tips for Choosing the Right Fall Wedding Favors - Linda Ellison

Charles and I are planning on giving wedding fortune cookies with personalized greetings. Now I just need to figure out what we're putting them in.

Tips for Choosing the Right Fall Wedding Favors
By: Linda Ellison

Autumn is quickly becoming one of the most popular times for weddings, just behind the long-time favorites of June and September. Whether it's because this is the only time a bride can find an open venue available for rent or if it's because she loves the colors of fall, the months of October and November are quickly becoming a favorite among wedding planners. But with this new trend comes a few unique challenges; for example, outdoor weddings during the fall are colder and may be more prone to rain. Kids are back in school so some relatives may not be able to travel as easily. And how is a bride to find just the right fall wedding favors for her reception?

Planning an outdoor wedding during the fall may mean having an indoor option just in case the weather takes a turn for the worse, and of course some guests may not enjoy being outside in the chilly weather regardless. If you have relatives that need to travel, you may need to make some arrangements for them to come in after the kids get out of school and for them to go back right after your ceremony. And when it comes to fall wedding favors, you have some options if you're willing to do a bit of comparison shopping.

Of course, there are many favors you can choose that are not necessarily fall related, if they fit your personality and style. But it may be nice to add a few touches to really make them fit into your autumn wedding. For example, small picture frames make great fall wedding favors if you opt for wood rather than silver. Magnets are also nice, especially if they're in the shape of leaves. And remember that whatever you choose, autumn colors are going to fit well. If you opt for candles, get them in warm browns and rusty reds. Some brides give away small tote bags, and if they're in these shades they too can make lovely fall wedding favors. When you choose any of these items, make sure you dress them up by wrapping them in some lovely paper, and again, choose the colors of autumn by selecting earth tones for the paper and the ribbon - shiny bronze rather than silver.

Another great option for fall wedding favors is personalized candy bar wrappers. If you choose the right company, you can find designs that are perfect for autumn, whether they're piles of leaves or fall sunsets or other landscape designs. These also make great choices because they can be personalized with your name and date as well.

You can of course make your own fall wedding favors by choosing items you can assemble yourself; for instance, many brides use Hershey's Kisses that they put into tulle or foil bags. You may opt instead for Hershey's Kisses with Caramel, as the wrappers are a gold color, which fits into a fall-themed wedding. Find bags that are also bronze or that warm russet color that matches both the favors and your wedding's theme.

Having your wedding in autumn can bring about some particular challenges, but the beauty of the season can make it all worthwhile.

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