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Showing posts from August 17, 2008

Army Wives at Lifetime

I watched episode 10 of Army Wives tonight, online.

I really like Roxy, one of the wives. I didn't utilize my high school time very well either. She's trying very hard to better herself, run the restaurant and take care of her hubby and kids.

Netflix - Free Trial

We want to share our love of Netflix with you.

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Received Our 1st RSVP Postcard!

Wow! I was so excited when my hubby gave me the mail yesterday and pointed out our
1st RSVP postcard. I actually was jumping up and down.

It's going to be so great to spend time with people who have been very important in our journey.

Marcus Heads Back to School - Junior Year

In the Clark County area most students start school on August 25, Monday. Since Marcus is attending Odyssey High School, an accrediated distance learning program, he doesn't officially start school till Wednesday, August 27.

Their program requires the student to attend an onsite orientation for 6 hours. During this time the students will be receiving their class schedules, reviewing school policy and procedures.

As usual, our teen states that this is going to be extremely difficult for him. And that he'll be requiring a Venti Iced Mocha from Starbucks.

This is our 5 year of having Marcus attend a homebased learning program. He enjoys the flexible learning environment. He's able to help us on the property, as well as, assist our customers with moving.

Since I went back to work fulltime and have such a demanding job this program works for all of us.

Sell Telecommuting to Your Manager - Sharon McMillan

For 5 years, I've had the honor of telecommuting. With the cost of living continuing to rise it definitely has been a huge benefit to our family.

If you’ve decided that the long commute to work is no longer for you but you’re not sure how you’re going to pay your bills without your job, don’t despair. There’s a chance you can keep your job and work from home as well. The solution is telecommuting and it is a choice that many companies are accepting as a way to keep employees, improve business, and support “green living” by helping to cut down on the number of long distance commuters whose cars affect our air quality.

Your first and most important challenge will be to identify whether or not your job can be done from home. Thanks to technology many jobs that involve the handling of sensitive or confidential data can now be conducted safely outside company walls without concern or worry that the data will be compromised. Many firms allow data entry operators, customer service represe…

Sundays watching

Have you discovered yet? If not, you'll love the free access to full episodes of cable and cancelled TV programs.

My husband and I spent Saturday night watching 'Lou Grant' and 'LA Dragnet'. Sunday morning we were in need of some laughter so we check out 'Barney Miller'.

This site also has movies and TV clips. Enjoy!