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Are You Helping Yourself or Hurting Yourself When You Network - Audrey Okaneko

Yes, there are certain topics that you shouldn't discuss when networking.

We all talk about networking. We all seem to know that networking has something to do with meeting enough folks to continue to build our referral network, which in turn will continue to build our businesses.

Referrals come when someone you’ve met likes you and believes you can offer the solution to someone else’s problem. So, if the goal in networking is to have someone like us, and possibly offer us a referral, then why do people make the mistake of engaging in conversations that do not promote relationships?

My mother attended a party last week. She met a radio personality who immediately began talking politics with my mother. As often happens, the two did not agree and a strong debate developed. Both parties walked away very unhappy with the other. Neither is going to receive a referral as a result of this meeting.

I personally do not discuss politics with those whose opinions are strongly different than min…

Menu Monday Plan - September 15

Today, Charles starts training another new assistant manager. We've been through this so many times that I asked him to do it. (burnt out)

Over the weekend, Marcus asked me for some help with his grammar and we re-discovered This online tutor service is available online through many public libraries, for FREE.

Update on our renewal ceremony: Charles' family isn't attending. I know that he's really bummed about it. We're scaling back abit, like the flowers at the ceremonial dinner.

In the meantime, we only have 27 days left!

Fish, Mixed Greens,

Chicken, Mixed Greens, Whole Wheat Noodles

Pizza - Whole Wheat Crust

Sammy's - Marcus' Favorite Take Out Place

Pork Stir Fry

Army Wives Online Episodes - Lifetime

I was busy today catching up on episodes 12 and 13. Are you a fan of Army Wives? Which wife is your favorite?

My favorite Army wife is Roxy. She's strong, trusting and a great friend. You can see that her character is growing up, learning about the Army and how it effects her life, husband and the kids.