Thursday, April 02, 2009

Soap Operas Are in Trouble - Do You Care?

Last night, my husband and I heard that Guiding Light is being cancelled, after 72 years.

I have to admit that I was wondering why it took so long. Soap Operas seem like they're dinosaurs. Many women, who were their target market, are in the workforce. The consumer has more entertainment choices, including the Internet. There's also the issue of what I consider bad writing and boring story lines. Some people don't watch them due to the lack of morals.

I used to watch Young and the Restless, till we moved to our latest self storage but since we don't have high speed it's out of the question. And you know what? I'm not going out of my way to watch it on TV. (I'm working)

So, are you still watching soaps? Do you think it's time to pull the plug on all of them?

Virtual Water Cooler for Self Storage Property Managers - Self Storage Talk

American Mini Storage - Nellis Air Force Base, Las Vegas

Yes, we also have a virtual water cooler!

You'll read about day to day management, security issues and get lots of marketing advice.

Stop by Self Storage Talk and join in the discussions.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday - A Tall Son

The Finish Product!
Marcus applying the vinyl word decal!

Our 6' 5" "Little One"'s height definitely comes in handy when I need certain things done around the house.

From hanging curtains, to applying vinyl word decals, his height sure comes in handy!

Mom and Dad love our "Little Helper"!

Wordless Wednesday - April 1, 2009

Marcus drew this 10 years ago for a school district contest and won. We had the honor of seeing him receive his prize and his drawing displayed!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Good Jars at The Lettered Cottage

365 Ways to Feel Good Jar at The Lettered Cottage

These days we might need a daily reminder to get us in good spirits.

The Lettered Cottage has Good Jars, that contain 365 days of short inspirational thoughts to get your day started, for $20.

You could also take her idea and an inexpensive jar and create your own Good Jar!

April Food Day! Bloggers Fighting Hunger!

Rhoda, Southern Hospitality, has brought to my attention that April 1, 2009, Wednesday, is April Food Day!

Stop by her blog for more details and ways that you can help fight hunger!

Monday, March 30, 2009

A Gift for the Hubby is Also a Gift For Me!

Bench purchased on

Marcus did a great job putting together the bathroom bench. I purchased it for my husband but it appears that I've found it helpful, as well. It a great place to sit and put on my oil, do a at-home pedicure and manicure.

Menu Plan Monday - March 30, 2009

My Favorite Skinline Products from Madeline Bea Soaps, at

We had some amazing Marinated Beef Strips from the local Mexican market, on Saturday! The addition of onions, green and yellow peppers definitely put it over the top.

I pulled out the crockpot and made Beer BBQ Chicken. One mistake, I poured the whole bottle in! The recipe called for 1 cup!

A old friend, from San Diego, stopped by yesterday. It was great to see her and her husband. Her company is moving to Vegas, this July, and they're purchasing a house. They also updated us on the bad economic news, in San Diego.

Well enough about me, onto this week's menu plan! Thanks to Organizing Junkie for hosting!

Soup and Sandwiches

Beer BBQ Chicken, Salad and Grilled Aspargus

Fish, Salad and Green Beans

Marinated Beef Strips, Tortillas and Refried Beans


Dine Out - Subway

Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Boys Went Grocery Shopping!

My Two Favorite Guys - Charles, my husband and our teen, Marcus

My husband and son decided that they would go grocery shopping today. They don't use a list but they're very good bargain shoppers.

I hope you had a terrific Sunday!

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