Saturday, June 20, 2009

Allow Your Wedding Dress to Bring Joy Again - Brides Against Breast Cancer

David's Bridal Strapless Gown

Would you like to put your wedding gown, veil, accessories and jewelry to good use?
How about donating them to Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation? This organization takes all the donated bridal gowns and items and puts on large selling events through out the United States.

The funds are then put to good use assisting men and women who are losing their battle with cancer with wishes.

The donation process is very easy, I just printed the application, filled it out, boxed my gown for shipping, ship it and in a few weeks received tax receipt via email. They do ask that you pay for the's only $40.

Toby and Mr. Bangles

Toby wearing his cone and playing with Mr. Bangles

We took Toby for his follow up, on Wednesday. The doctor decided that he needed a cone to stop him from chewing on his bandage.

Toby was so good that we decided to buy him a new toy. Meet Mr. Bangles! The way Toby has been chewing on him I'm not sure Mr. Bangles is going to be with us for long.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Let's Celebrate Awesome Dad This Father's Day

These days we hear about the dead-beat dads, absent and abusive fathers in the media almost daily but not much news about awesome fathers.

This Father's Day Oprah is celebrating some single dads that are wearing all the hats. You'll see a dad with nine kids and one dad raising his infant daughter alone.

Stop by her website to get a teaser of today's episode. Also has an article about these fathers that did their job.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Next Door Neighbor! IHOP

American Mini Storage - Nellis AFB location

We just found out that our latest new neighbor is going to be a IHop restaurant! Marcus, Charles and I are so excited! The rep responded that we must be fans of the restaurant. Well yeah! We love their pancakes!

They're tearing down the Chinese restaurant right next door and building.

Let's see just 108 days before they open. Marcus, put it on the family calendar!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Calvary Chapel Spring Valley - Online Live Service

I truly needed to attend Wednesday service today but we didn't get home till 6PM. Thank you Calvary Chapel for offering online live church service.

I was feeling down about Toby's condition. He came home with a "cone" to keep him from chewing on his bandages. The doctor also prescribed a seditive.

My injections and IV drips start next week so I really need to listen to some good worship.

Thank you Heavenly Father ~ I will turn my life over to you and follow your Word. Amen!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Consider Contributing to Your Local Food Bank

There's so much need out there and it can be overwhelming to think of ways that one person can help. But, here's one way that you and your family can address hunger. Consider next time you're doing your grocery shopping you purchase a few cans of food to donate to your local food bank.

In our neighborhood, Country Cafe, a family-style restaurant, has a box for their diners to leave food donations. Our church, Calvary Chapel Spring Valley, has recently started a food bank, to address many of the members' need.

A food drive would be a great summer project for bored teens, youth groups and families.

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