Saturday, August 08, 2009

Please Don't Dump Your Pets!

We were pleasantly surprised by this cute visitor last week. Our maintenance person found her hanging out in our maintenance garage. It seems one of our tenants left her.

We called the local animal control to see if anyone reported her missing. He advised me that people are "dumping" their pets but that "Wheaton" would get adopted quickly.

Reception Photos from Renewal Ceremony

I'm sharing photos from our renewal ceremony at Victoria's Chapel in Las Vegas on October 12, 2008. After the ceremony we had a punch and cake reception. We didn't have a photographer for the reception so these are photos that Marcus and I took. Everyone enjoyed some champagne, coffee and punch before we cut the cake. Charles surprised me with "At Last" by Etta James. I remember feeling like it was just us in the room. It's funny, even after 20 years this guy can still do that to me!

For favors we gave Cocoa Cappucino Crinkle Cookies made by Simply Seasonal. She baked them the night before,packaged them in clear cellophane, tied them with a sage ribbon and then shipped them to us Priority. They're our family favorite cookie!

We also made a donation to Boys and Girls Club in behalf of our guests, through I Do Foundation.

Shaun and Wanda, friends and clients

Our cake was made by the chef at Victoria's Chapel. It was chocolate cake with Vanilla and Strawberry Bavarian filling with our family cake topper from Lynn's Little Creations

Charles and I enjoying the first piece of cake. Kevin, our waiter instructed us the right place to cut the cake.

Brandi and Anthony, our Corporate Manager and Area Manager at Victoria's Chapel

Marcus then announced that we were heading to Landry's Seafood for dinner ~ our treat. We had a tab at the bar and they could order drinks and appetizers. Charles and I stayed behind to collect our items and make arrangements to meet with the photographer.

Charles took this picture of us at Landry's Seafood House in Las Vegas. We had delicious food, drink and conversation. The restaurant gave us free dessert but after everyone took one bite and we were done!

Friday, August 07, 2009

Finding Freedom Friday: Cutting Back to School Costs

Finding Freedom Friday's topic this Friday is Cutting Back to School Costs. Just in time for many of our children heading back to school this month.

In our house, Marcus attends a distance learning program. He's a Senior this year so we'll be dealing with graduation, parties, and possibly a prom.

Reusing school supplies
This was Marcus' idea to hold onto his backpack. He only needs us to purchase a spiral notebook and a new computer tower. My husband and I had purchased pens, pencils, paper clips in bulk a few years ago so he's all set.

School Clothes for Teens
In our house we give Marcus a clothing allowance. He can shop from any online store, utilizing any gift cards he might have. He's very good at comparing sales, promotions, and shipping costs. His favorite online store is Old Navy.

Use the Internet as a Resource
Even though we'll be going into a store to buy a new computer tower that doesn't mean we don't do our homework first. Our family looks online for specs, customer feedback and prices. We discuss which item best meets our needs and then verify availablity in the store. This saves us valuable time and money. (Time is money ~ Isn't it?)

Online Schools
We enrolled Marcus into Odyssey High School, a free public school distance learning program when we moved to Las Vegas. This saves us lots of money on tuition, books and lab fees! If you're considering this path you might want to visit Connection Academy and k12.

Online Tutoring Service
I highly recommend this for high schoolers. services are available 24/7. My husband and I just make a small payment for a set amount of hours. As Marcus uses the service we will occasionally receive email updates advising us of how much time he has left. We can then add to it as needed.

Why Do You Blog? Stop by Nesting Place For Some Answers

Don't you love it when you come across a great question and just want to share it with everyone? Well that's how I feel after reading 'Why Do You Blog' at Nesting Place.

Join in the fun reading the responses and maybe share the reasons you blog. See you there!

Show Us Your Life - Reception and Honeymoon

Our cake

Kelly's Korner Show Us Your Life blog has been lots of fun. I've so enjoyed seeing all the dresses, wedding parties, and ceremonies. One of the common themes has been how much love was a part of the day.

One of my favorite's was a couple that got married in their khaki pants with just a handful of people. She has a photo on a side table prominently located. It's a beautiful reminder that it's not about the event but about the couple.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Dirty Couch, Ottamon and Chair - Professional Cleaners or DIY

Charles and I purchased our latest living room furniture when we moved to Las Vegas 2years ago. It was a big investment and I want to keep it in the very best condition possible.

So, I decided to call Carol King's Cleaning Service for a quote. She advised me it would be $85 to clean all three. (Not a bad price ~ I had been quoted $120 from another company)

When I got home I found our furniture looking and smelling much nicer.

So, when you need to have your upholstery cleaning do you hire a professional cleaner or do-it-yourselves?

Things I Learned Thursday !

Parking Spots at American Mini Storage E Craig Rd, Las Vegas

Stop by Chocolate Covered Daydreams to read her list. Here's my list!

My husband and son hear me but don't act.

I've got to get some real sleep.

If you're a Christian and depressed it's a bad combination.

The Las Vegas winds are brutal!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Shopping for Back to School Clothes For Our Teen

Our teen, Marcus has the responsiblity of purchasing his clothes within a budget. Back to school time is when he has a larger clothes allowance to work with.

Giving our son the task is a learning lesson on how to look for online sales, comparing product, shipping fees, delivery times and of course basic consumer math!

I have to say Marcus has a good eye for his style and getting the best price. His favorite online clothing store, Old Navy, makes all us happy!

And this is what works for the BerryMorins!

In-Laws and Brother-In-Law - Photos

Here's a photo of my husband's parents. They were going on a cruise for their anniversary.

The other photo is my husband's brother, Tony. Charles doesn't talk about his brother very often.

They're in Heaven with our Heavenly Father for many years. May they continue to rest in peace.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Do We Need a Brush Up Course on Social Graces?

Last Minute Lasagna Recipe available at Real Simple

At The Blushing Hostess she shared her concerns of the lack of social graces in our society. For example, she attended a wedding recently where there were many empty seats at the ceremony. At the reception people left when dinner was served.

Do you think people lack social graces or this is the new norm?

"Army Wives" - Did You Catch Sunday's Episode?

I was visiting Kelly's Korner last night and she was blogging about how much she enjoys watching "Army Wives".

Here's a tv show that has been gaining loyal viewers through word of mouth. That's how I found out about it. And I'm a fan.

Are you a fan of the show? Which wife is your favorite?

Monday, August 03, 2009

Toby Can Fly On His Own Airline -~ Pet Airways

So if you're flying from Los Angeles to New York City and want to take your dog or cat too check out Pet Airways. Now our pets have their own airline!

What's in Our Backyard?!

Toby would love a tree or two in the backyard. Now that I think of it I would love some green grass too!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Sharing More Renewal Ceremony Photos

I decided that I would share some photos from one of our scrapbooks. These were taken by Victoria's Chapel photographer.

This is Charles looking at me walk down the aisle.

This photo was taken outside the chapel. I love how happy Charles and I looked. In October, Las Vegas is the perfect place for weddings. (not too hot)

Marcus, Me and Charles at Victoria's Chapel

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