Friday, September 25, 2009

Work @ Home Reps Video

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I still get many questions about my days of working from home as a virtual customer service rep. This video gives some insight to what it's about. Enjoy!

Work @ Home Job Listing - Rat Race Rebellion

If you're a regular blog follower of mine you may know that I worked from home for four years, as a virtual customer service rep, for several home shopping centers.

Now, that I'm unemployed I'm looking to go back into the industry.

I recently found a link to Rat Race Rebellion through one of the Work Place Like Home members. Their job listing contains lots of customer service, sales and call monitoring work at home opportunities.

So, if you have know of someone who's looking for extra money, currently unemployed or underemployed and they would like to work from home pass this link to them.

Good luck on the job search.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Seek (In)Courage ment Through Blogs

One thing that has been extremely inspiring to me and my family is the bloggers who have been sharing their personal stories during this recession.

You'll find the Heavenly Father and being blessed amongst major crisis.

And then, there are those who share their stories...the posters.

I want to thank all of you and I do pray for all of us.

In the darkness one can still seek out the light.

ps stop by The Inspired Room for some (in) couragement today!

Are You on Facebook?

I've been getting back in touch with old high school buddies, friends and former co-workers since joining Facebook. It's been fun!

Are you on Facebook?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday - Apartment with the Extras

When my husband and I were fired, last month, from our management positions we also lost our apartment, as part of the contract. We knew we would have to find an apartment that included lots of extras. (electric and water)

We were able to do that find one that not only included electric and water but also premium cable and Internet. The complex a swimming pool,which we do use for exercise and managing stress. The washers and dryers cost less then the laundromats in the area.

This arrangement has really worked for us while waiting for unemployment benefits to start and to find a job.

Need a New Computer Monitor

Yikes, Marcus' computer monitor died last week so now we're down using the laptop. In the past we would just head over to Best Buy and make a purchase. This time I decided to do some price comparisions.

Walmart has some inexpensive Acers. They have a 18.5 monitor from $109.99. The cutomer feedback looks good and we love our Acer laptop.

Office Depot and Best Buy had some monitors for $120.00. Best Buy even offers ship to the store, for some of their product and you save money.

Kmart and Sears are on our list too. Since Charles works there we can use his employee discount.

Making Livable Space in a Small Apartment

Pottery Barn Statton Bed with Baskets

Wow! You want a challenge? We went from 2000 square feet to about 400 square feet living space when we moved. We've gradually been creating ways to make this space more livable for the three of us.

Pottery Barn has some helpful storage and decorating tips for small spaces.

Take a look at this bed. I love the basket idea so I've decided that Charles and I can purchase some rubber flat storage containers and store extras under the bed. I've got to locate our bed skirt, in storage because I don't want to be looking at the stuff.

We only have two closets so we're storing cleaning supplies as well as clothes. The closets don't have doors so I decided that I'll put some panels up. (with the help of Mr. Marcus) I'm going to steal The Lettered Cottage's inexpensive curtain idea for this one.

So, what decorating projects are you currently working on?

Monday, September 21, 2009

It's Officially One Month of Unemployment and Cracks in the Surface

It's been a difficult month and like many married couples, during this economic mess, it's showing up in our relationship.

I'm so thankful that I have a relationship with the Heavenly Father and my church. I feel broken and when I go to church services I can feel Him propping me again.

I know that while I have to deal with this pain He will never leave me.

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